Pipeline Safety Story Censored

Alabama Censorship over Local Newspaper
By Nicolas Walker

A state court judge in Alabama prevented the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing a story about Alabama Gas Corp.’s utility plan for gas line safety. The information had been released by the Alabama Public Service Commission after an open records request.

. . . . Algasco owns hundreds of miles of pipelines and server around 425,000 customers in central Alabama. The Montgomery Advertiser had printed an article saying that it had requested a copy of the company’s Distribution Integrity Management Plan on Wednesday. In response, Algasco claimed that such a document had been released with no required notification to the company and that it contained safety-related information. Judge Vance temporarily prevented the Advisor from writing about the issue, claiming that there was a reasonable chance that the document not be made public.

In response, the newspaper refused any request made by Algasco to return the document.

According to the newspapers lawyers, judge Vance’s ban represents an unprecedented unconstitutional restraint and that the information is already available publicly. Executive Editor Tom Clifford told reporters that the bulk of the document was already available on Algasco’s website.

In return, the utility company claimed that certain details could not be released as they would endanger public safety (according to them, they show precise locations of critical gas infrastructure). They added that preventing the Advisor from printing those details represented a matter of homeland security and as such, falls under the Alabama law.


Alagasco sues Advertiser to stop use of pipe safety plan

Kala Kachmar, Montgomery Advertiser

Alabama Gas Corporation has taken legal action to attempt to stop the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing or writing about the company’s document that outlines a plan to ensure the safety of gas pipes.

The document, Alagasco’s Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP), was obtained in June through a public records request to the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC), which oversees the state’s utilities….

….. The Advertiser’s use of the document is part of a national USA Today investigation that examines the dangers of cast iron pipes, which when corroded can cause gas leaks, fires and explosions. According to federal data, Alagasco has about 833 miles of cast iron main gas lines, which is the highest of any gas company in Alabama and ninth highest in the country….


Item sent in –
in S. Louisiana the pipelines
have clear markings like this:

2 cases of Enterovirus D68 in Baton Rouge area

Off Topic, but important -

WAFB – 2 confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68 in Baton Rouge area

BATON ROUGE, LA  – Baton Rouge health officials say two children have been treated at Our Lady of the Lake for Enterovirus D68. Officials add that there have been no deaths reported at this point in the state.

Health officials say 12 states now have respiratory illnesses caused by an uncommon virus – Enterovirus 68.

Physicians say this particular virus is more likely to severely sicken infants and teens, but most of those who are infected feel like they have a common cold.

EV-D68 presents with cold-like symptoms, such as fever, coughing, body aches and a runny nose. It may also cause breathing problems or wheezing. When parents notice high fever, dehydration or trouble breathing they should immediately take their child in to see their primary care provider or to see a provider at an urgent care clinic. (MORE)



News Bits


Attorney Stuart Smith opines on Texas Brine’s water discharge permit deal – A terrible quick fix for the Louisiana sinkhole



At 1:34 a.m. something shook up Lake FUBAR … but not all of the helicorders went off. There was a 6.7M quake in Guam at 1:14 a.m. CST.

Temorary, Arkansas showed it too.  LA10-01 and 02 are broken.

LA10-03, LA12 etc. showed it clearly but, oddly, LA17-01 (lower borehole) did not and neither did LA21. LA21 shows a big ding at 3 a.m..



Seismic activity returned around 6:45 a.m.. Some helicorders show ‘fuzz’ and no big dings and others look like this:


Jumping Jack Flash has an announcement about a book. He is interesting.

Monday News + Iceland Update

BBC – Weak wells not fracking caused US gas leaks into water

A new study suggests that the contamination of drinking water by shale gas is due to faulty wells and not hydraulic fracturing.
Researchers in the US analysed the gas content in 130 water wells in Pennsylvania and Texas.
They were able to trace the methane found in the water to problems with the casing or lining of wells drilled to extract the gas….

Slow Drip Iceland –

Surface Still Lowering in Bárðarbunga

The eruption seems to be concentrated at the middle crater on the fissure at Holuhraun, but the ice at Bárðarbunga crater is still lowering, indicating that some changes are occurring. It is feared that an eruption could start in the volcano, causing ash dispersion and floods. However, all is quiet at the moment according to the Icelandic Met Office.
No changes in the eruption have been observed since midnight. Around 40 quakes have been detected in Bárðarbunga and the dike, and a few tremors near Herðubreið and Herðubreiðartögl.

Seismologists predict another Icelandic volcano is about to blow

” … Because of the connection between the fracture and the volcano, the concern has been that magma will rise beneath the glacier between the fissure and the volcanic crater. “So there is a real possibility of a showdown between the magma and ice,”…”

Weekend News


Low level seismos continue – fluid movement Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. and then off to the races at 7 a.m..


Contractor dies in Chevron pipeline accident off Louisiana coast

Florida Tops Natural Risk Exposure List (Louisiana is #3)


Fuzz continues on the helicorders Sunday. At 2:11 p.m. there was a long slosh. LA12 show it.

3.2 quake at Snyder, Texas

Silent forces of destruction: Sinkholes capable of swallowing homes, trees, even Corvettes < has mention of Bayou Corne

The was a big Enviro Jouros’ Meeting and it paid attention to Lake FUBAR :)

Society of Environmental Journalists explores Louisiana’s issues: What others are saying

Get off your butt and report By Eric Freedman

2013 article on journos and Bayou Corne (we missed it) – Red StateThe Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Part I: Ridiculing the PressPart 2



Solar Storm Friday, Iceland Crater Unstable (?)

Solar Storms Sending Biggest Threats to Earth Today and Tomorrow

Global positioning system and radio transmissions may be degraded through tomorrow as two solar eruptions strike Earth and affect its magnetic field.

The U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center is tracking two two coronal mass ejections, “huge expulsions of magnetic field and plasma” that shot out of an area near the center of the sun’s disc.

“Essentially the sun just shot out a magnet and it is about to interact with another magnet, Earth’s magnet,” William Murtagh, program coordinator of the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center, said yesterday. When the ejections reach Earth, they will touch off geomagnetic storms that are forecast to last at least until tomorrow. . . .

Will this solar storm affect helicords’ display? Will anyone provide backup observation (like going to Lake FUBAR and looking at it)?    heli_button

At 4 a.m. Lake FUBAR got the grumbles. we doubt it is cultural noise as  work doesn’t usually start there before sun up.

We should pay attention to the weather now as storms from the east close in. Extra rain means extra weight on fragile cavern walls in Lake FUBAR!
Weather Channel –  Tropical Disturbance Brews In Gulf of Mexico

Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA
Click for weather forecast

Texas – Fracking Company Sues Man For Lighting His Water On Fire

2.5 quake in Arlington, Texas

Three Earthquakes Rattle Texas So Far This Week

“… Earthquakes are often accompanied by loud “booms,” something that has become a source of anxiety in newly quake-prone parts of the state.”

Fracking Report: Residents near gas wells twice as likely to report symptoms, study finds

ICELAND –  “It Will Be Unlike Anything Ever Seen in Recorded History”

►”Scientists are now gravely concerned that the crater floor will soon collapse into a miles deep underground cavern filled with boiling white hot magma.

►”There’s 1 trillion gallons of water in the ice in Bardabunga crater.

►”When that falls into a lake of magma it will instantly flash into steam expanding 600 times in volume.

►”The magma, suddenly no longer contained by the crater floor and 1 trillion gallons of water will act like a shaken soft drink can when the top is popped.

“It will be an event unlike anything ever seen in recorded history.

[ article comments say the crater is not all so dangerous - FC ]

LINK –  http://youtu.be/PQ70u_UISrA


8:55 a.m. Update from the Office of Conservation



New(ish) Crosstex update


Originally posted on Assumption Parish Police Jury:

The Office of Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command are reporting that seismic monitoring early Tuesday detected a brief period of increased seismic activity that appears to have been located in or near the eastern wall of the original Oxy Geismar 3 cavern. Though the number of micro-seismic events was elevated for several minutes, the number and strength were lower than have been witnessed in previous major events, and quickly diminished. Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command will continue to monitor the situation and advise the public of any developing concerns.

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