WIPP Community Meeting Tonight + Thurs. News

WIPP Round-Up

Community Update Meeting Scheduled:
for WIPP April 17 – Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway and DOE will
co‐host a weekly town hall meeting featuring updates on WIPP recovery activities.
The meetings are held every Thursday at 5:30 p.m.
Location: Carlsbad City Council Chambers, 101 N. Halagueno Street.

 Live streaming of the weekly meetings can be seen at:

Home WIPP web site:

Thanks to Walter for sending this in - ;)     5:30 in N.M. is 3:30 EST.

ENE-News – Mistake at Congressional Hearing? Senator: “Radioactive releases from WIPP have been at levels that are a public health danger” — EPA: “This is a big deal” (VIDEO) < article mentions Mining Awareness :)

ENE-News - AP: Crews retreat after nuclear material found at WIPP — Officials: Correct to turn back, contamination was increasing — Robots brought to site for radiation levels too high for humans — ‘Significant amount of information’ will be revealed to public in next few days (VIDEOS)

A quote from Mining Awareness (scroll half way down):

While Farok Sharif of WIPP getting demoted appears good news on the surface, we must examine what he did at WIPP. He orchestrated a speed-up of moving radioactive waste. On the Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC web site it is still proudly proclaimed that Farok helped WIPP to “ramp up” from processing one to two waste shipments per week to more than 30 per week. His background is a BA in “Production and Operations Research Management” and a MBA from New Mexico State University.

A Green Road Blog – WIPP And Illegal High Level Waste Documentation Plus Evidence

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access

State agency:  the nuke waste is all getting backed up in the parking lot(!)

(Feb. 27) “In light of DOE’s inability to operate, they are facing storage deadlines in their parking lot and Waste Handling Building.”


The AdvocateSenate OKs bill to sidetrack suits against energy industry

Dutchsinse – Nevada Volcanoes rumbling


2.7 quake in Benton, Illinois

from Conservation



They noticed the seismic activity . . . heli_button

Originally posted on Assumption Parish Police Jury:

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Wednesday, March 19 work-

Sinkhole Activity Code 2 – indicating no work is allowed directly on sinkhole or within containment berms, based on increase in subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy3 detected by seismic monitoring.

Air Monitoring/Sub-slab Sampling and Ventilation

- Conducting ventilation system inspections


- Continuing ORW 21 pump test (north of Sauce Piquante, west of Crawfish Stew) and surveying settlement rods

- Conducting de-watering test on ORWs 4 (northwest of containment berm) and 14 (Oxy 9 well pad) and OGRW 1 (Oxy Geismar 2 well pad)

- Conducting pump test on ORWs 15 (north of La 70, east of Gumbo St.), 24 (north of La 70, east of Sauce Piquante and Gumbo St intersection) and 26 (northwest of containment berm, south of La 70)

- Working over ORWs 23 (north of La 70, east of Sauce Piquante and Gumbo St intersection) and 32…

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Gloomy Wednesday: A Large Twang at 5:13 A.M. + Methane Doom Prediction

Not on all the helicorders but very large at LA17-01. That is on the north side of Lake FUBAR.

Globe will very soon turn into a hot ball like Venus due to Arctic methane seep says scientist Guy McPherson.
. . .  ” The planet will not be habitable for the human species long beyond 2030.”   “Methane has gone expotential”  - 32:30 into this interview – AUDIO FILE

2.9 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee < this place always has them … fracking there?

DOCUMENTARY on Bayou Corne

LINK -  http://youtu.be/GxAdSkxlwvU

USGS Announces Publication of Completed Report on Models for Baton Rouge Area Aquifers-

Heywood, C.E., Griffith, J.M., and Lovelace, J.K.,2014, Simulation of groundwater flow in the “1,500-foot” sand and “2,000-foot” sand, with scenarios to mitigate saltwater migration in the “2,000-foot” sand of the Baton Rouge area, Louisiana: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5227, 63 p., http://dx.doi.org/10.3133/sir20135227, http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2013/5227/

Big Oil’s loosening grip

For generations, our politicians assumed that what was good for the oil and gas industry was good for Louisiana. As long as nobody looked too closely at what was happening in our coastal wetlands, few questioned that assumption. . . .


A Strum at LA18, Then a Big Twang in the Night & Sun. & Mon. News

A strum on some of the helicorders at 4:40 a.m..  It showed best at LA18. Also on LA12 and LA19 but it didn’t register on the others.  12 & 19 are near the butane caverns.



At 10 P.M. something big happened at Lake FUBAR.

It looked like this (LA18)    LA12tenPM

- but didn’t show on all the helicorders (so it wasn’t caused by a far away earthquake). LA10-03 (bottom borehole) showed activity at 10 p.m.

How things went Saturday at the Water Festival:

LINK -  http://youtu.be/Vr8jnWUBIGY

Bayou Corne Residents Speak at the Water Festival:

LINK -  http://youtu.be/igiw_3c-li0


Conservation Dept. is keeping the work status at Code 1 says the parish blogTra-La-La ♫ ♪ ♬

They are piling up extra clay for the new new south berm … or is it for a planned new new south berm?

REMINDER - Big Meeting Tomorrow (Tues.)

A community briefing:
When:  Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Assumption Parish Community Center, 4910 Hwy 308, Napoleonville


2.6 quake at Lowellville, Ohio
2.6 quake at Lowellville, Ohio near the one above
2.8 quake at Lowellville, Ohio near those

fireradiation  These are near Beaver Valley nuke plant

LINK -  http://youtu.be/L1mcHW1Ztxs

Weekend News


2.5 quake at Caruthersville, MO

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Assumption dome companies must pay disputed taxes

sent in: Exxon CEO joins anti-fracking lawsuit after drilling threatens his property value

Louisiana VoiceSen. Robert Adley, a consistent advocate for transparency, craters to oil contributors in opposing wetlands litigation < NOTE: Fab bumpersticker offer on the right sidebar!!

Boil advisory for north eastern portion of Lafayette Parish < Parish MAP (they are NW from Assumption Parish)

  . . .  due to “low pressure”. Low Pressure? What about when they give away the farm and divert all that aquifer’s water to the oil and gas Bozos??

We have this idea about oil source being quite different than what is in the encyclopedia – Abiotic Oil. And the idea isn’t entire hooey as US New and World Report did a story on it: Abiotic Oil a Theory Worth Exploring – Oil may not be formed the way we think it is.

By the way, although some (unknown amount)  of rad waste is stored at the collapsed and roof-caved-in cavern, Oxy 3 at Bayou Corne it turns out a LOT of similar waste is just dumped by the roadside. It gets dumped along US roadways and byways because crooked haulers can’t be bothered with fines now that lots more radiation detection gizmos are installed at legitimate dump sites.


French news footage of Deepwater Horizon disaster:

LINK – http://youtu.be/aUkqF0QKoXc