Booms Cover-Up! New Madrid Is Waking Up! – UPDATED

Before It’s News – Booms Cover-Up! New Madrid Is Waking Up! Video Shares What The USGS Doesn’t Want You To Know

Are all of the mysterious loud booms being heard throughout the New Madrid area and elsewhere in the vicinity the New Madrid fault line awakening? It appears that we have a cover-up in progress, with the USGS involved, as we speak. . .


When looking up “booms” also use search term “brontide event“. More is on Strange Sounds.

Strange Sounds Map: World Wide Reports From YouTube Of Unexplained noises and Mysterious Booms

South Carolina Earthquake Felt In Georgia, Considered A ‘Large Quake For That Area’

CNN - 4.1 magnitude quake strikes in South Carolina < has map

No problems at Georgia Power nuclear plant after 4.1. quake


Remember this story last Nov.? – Chicago area – Geological Survey: Tremors in western suburbs likely from quarry blast, not earthquake

(Feb. 20) Boom in Argentina chalked up to “meteorite”

Inquiry – Gas Smell Reports? N.O. Sky Reports? Weekend News

Just got this reader inquiry -

“I am wondering if you have any news on the gas smells being reported in Jefferson and Orleans parishes.. There was a report made on the 8th and again today.. News reports say it’s Being reported and investigated and they will update , but updates never come? There was also reports back in April.. I believe they attributed that to hydrogen sulfide being released at chemical plant, but amounts never confirmed or further reports from what I have gathered.”

Please comment here if you see any news articles about this or social media posts etc. (new or old) and it will get put here.

NEW INQUIRY (by us) -

 Did something happen in the sky over New Orleans on Sunday night?

From thread on Godlike Productions forum. If you are blocked see screen grab -



Lt. Gen. Honoré is forming an alliance of Louisiana environmental organizations- the “GreenARMY” and they have a Face Book page. It will get added to the sidebar under blogroll.

ALSO - Michael E. Schaff says, “Bruce E. Martin, Texas Brine’s vice president of operations has had a letter published in newspapers all over the state of Louisiana. In his letter he states “Significant progress has been made in response to the sinkhole in Bayou Corne.” Then rips him one:

“Your spokesperson Mr. Sonny Cranch was at the church hall brow beating my friends and neighbors eliminating those who own camps and claiming that they were “non-residents” so you could get away with paying them NOTHING… yet now, your claim is that they are in fact residents so that you can include them in your inflated numbers… so which are they?”

He gets lots of ink -  “Texas Brine propaganda campaign warrants response

“Had Texas Brine not been so greedy 32 years ago, and had they listened to the advice of their own consultants who informed them that they were in danger of penetrating the side wall of the Napoleonville Salt Dome by mining below 5,000 feet in that particular location, this entire human and environmental catastrophe could have been avoided.

Yet, as alleged in Federal Court documents in a complaint against Texas Brine as reported in the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate this past November, the company submitted a permit application to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources requesting mining all the way to 6,040 feet. In 2010 they made it all the way to 5,654 feet before the solution mining operation blew out the salt into the surrounding strata. This fact was then hidden from the residents of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou. . . .”

Louisiana WeeklyExxonMobil Won’t Admit Baton Rouge Plants Had Safety Violations


fluid    At 4 A.M. on many helicorders. It lasted over 10 minutes. LA12 shows it. The work trucks started up at 7 a.m..

Fuego volcano (Guatemala): increased activity and new lava flow

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Save Lake Peigneur asks you to save the date: March 26.

On March 26 our lawsuit will be heard in the 16th District Court in New Iberia. We are also involved with Senator Mills in legislation. We will need your help.

Recently, the DNR has taken a step to study what causes the foaming and bubbling in Lake Peigneur. A few years ago Commissioner Welch stated that the shrimp factory on the Delcambre Canal might be the cause of the bubbling. Our response to this was how can that be possible when the bubbling/foaming does not travel and remains in one spot for hours and hours in different parts of the middle of the lake? The long eddy or eddies of bubbling/foaming are not remotely close to the shrimp factory.

I bring this up because in the last testing on January 8, 2014 samples were taken from an area close to Rip Van Winkle Gardens where the bubbling was occurring and in the Delcambre Canal by the shrimp factory.

The long eddy of bubbling/foaming that we observed for over 3 hours on that day ran east to west across Lake Peigneur from the Jefferson Island area in a jagged line across the lake, and nowhere near the Delcambre Canal.

We are one of many, many battles throughout our state and the United States. Bayou Corne remains unresolved. The contamination of drinking water in West Virginia, a major issue for 200,000 people will still pale in comparison if the 15 parishes that use the Chicot Aquifer have drinking water contamination. About Lake Peigneur

We have asked repeatedly for a federal standard Environmental Impact Statement. We have not asked to stop the project, we have asked for a thorough study due to the 1980 disaster and the bubbling which continues. The DNR’s attempt to study the bubbling by choosing to compare foam from the shrimp factory to what I have described above does is questionable science.

Several years ago the DNR chose to send divers to check areas of plugged and abandoned wells. Perhaps they determined the wells were P & A’d but how would an unplugged well explain the long eddies of bubbling/foaming which runs continuously in one long jagged line across the lake, and sometimes in multiple lines east to west, north to south?

We will be writing letters and asking for you to contact Louisiana legislators to support our bills.

We will be asking you to show your support by coming to the hearing even if only for 15 minutes.

My ELF Weapon: Bayou Corne

You can take this as an anxiety reaction to these awful events at Assumption Parish on a vulnerable, frail person (not the only one we have posted) or something more in line with the Navy Yard false flag staged event.


The PHOTO of “My ELF weapon” carved into the Navy Yard shooter’s gun stock has been scrubbed from news stories on the  internet. Example.


This page from Business Insider still has a story up with photos -

Related (hope not!) – video series ‘Programmed to Kill’ about brainwashing and the powerful who use it.

NOW . . . back to our show . . .

Wed. News – Freezing Temps Continue + Many Comments on Odd “Snow” in the South US

It is below freezing at Lake FUBAR still.   COLDheron1

LA14 had more FLUID MOVEMENT at  2 a.m. and 3 a.m..

Parish Blog“Due to the wintery weather and associated road closures the weekly Evacuation Assistance Payment distribution at the Command Trailer has been moved from Thursday to Friday (1/31) this week.”

This Wed. PHOTO from Fox44 news shows Lake FUBAR didn’t freeze over.

On this blog we beat up a lot on the Assumption Parish Police Jury for the collapsed salt dome handling. However, in this weather emergency hitting all of the south-eastern states the APPJ has shown enviable foresight. While Atlanta and other civic leaders ignored severe weather warnings that we all saw and the APPJ saw they took decisive action in advance of the snow and freeze blast to close schools and offices and warn residents away from roads and driving.

SEE COMMENTS  for the topic of fake snow, odd snow many are talking about this weekend.

Wed. News – It’s C-C-Cold at Lake FUBAR

All night Lake FUBAR had the growls.  .     heli_button

Stay tuned . . .  COLDheron1

It is freezing cold! Assumption Parish freeze warning.

The parish blog has an update – they continue with the Code 1 knowing there’s deep subsidence next to Oxy 3.

The AdvocateWilliams Olefins contests OSHA findings stemming from explosion at Geismar plant
BSsmilie   Letter from Texas Brine’s Bruce Martin – “Everything’s OK”.

Explosions, fire reduce Mississippi biodiesel plant to rubble (see also Jumping Jack Flash on the sidebar in Blogroll section)

Kentucky Booms! 500 Reports In Two Days!! (Video News Report)

Real Coastal Warriors has this …. From the cold: [Florida] Fish kill reported at UWF’s Thompson’s Bayou

and they feature this – Target of BP settlement investigation seeks ex-FBI director’s removal from investigation

50% Mortality Rate with Mystery Disease in Texas – Updated

Officials with the Montgomery County [Texas]  Health Department are on a mission to find out more about a mystery flu-like illness. So far, half of the people who have come down with it have died. According to the health department, all of the patients have had flu-like and/or pneumonia like symptoms. However, all of them have tested negative for the flu. . .  (more)

It is near Dallas. Don’t forget oil country is the proving ground for Franken-bacteria.

Jan. 17 – Dallas County reports nine more flu-related deaths, bringing the toll to 35  < story + video

Dallas Fort-Worth NBCDallas County Flu Cases Triple

. . .  or if could be effects of the Fukushima plume the US authorities are pretending isn’t happening.

UPDATES will go here. . .

short link -

Missing Time at LA11 at 2 A.M. – Easy Technology to View Below a Salt Dome



The parish blog has an update and they announce a community meeting tomorrow.


Using Augmented Reality, Inition demonstrated how Paradigm’s subsurface software can see below the surface of a salt dome:


Item by Tattoo on Minden-Lake FUBAR Connection

The big explosion at Camp Minden in NW Louisiana was on Oct. 16, 2012. Details are on the explosions link on the sidebar. Last week Tattoott1009 posted this:


2 Big Quakes in Guatemala Sat. A.M. + Scary Stuff

There was a big 5.6 quake in Guatemala at 7:10 A.M. -  CST (says USGS). It was on the Pacific side. But RSOE says there are 2 quakes in the same area of Guatemala. The second quake they say was also 5.6 exactly and hour  and 4 seconds later at a different depth. Because they started work on the berms just after this began to show up on the helicorders it is hard to see the effect in Bayou Cornen :(
RSOE report:

  • quake 1 < 75 miles deep, 7:10:55 a.m. CST- location:     14° 50.400N,   91° 44.400W  <MAP
  • quake 2 < 50 miles deep, 8:10:51 a.m. CST – location:     14° 38.946N,   92° 00.426W  <MAP

7 VOLCANOES are near the quakes (55 miles away or less)!

UPDATE, SUNDAY the Pacaya volcano started up forcing evacuations in Guatemala City. Lava flowing.

ALSO - USGS – Is the Recent Increase in Felt Earthquakes in the Central U.S. Natural or Manmade? (duh-oh!)



Henning Kemner says the use of Corexit in the Gulf is to melt frozen methane for profits ($$$). . .


Tattoo Blog – False Flag Attack In The Gulf Region Again ? See The Mind Blowing Evidence

Wednesday News, VA Booms and Restore Louisiana Now Story

At 4:15 A.M. (CST) the helicorder at LA12 woke up and burped. Let’s see how the day plays out. In the prior post the video of trees sinking into Lake FUBAR is days old.  And officials chose to ALLOW work at the site AFTER that!

They are keeping the CODE 1 as the helicorders attest. We can only see what’s going on after dark when they quit stomping around with heavy equipment.

WBRZ VIDEO from Dec. 31 – Protection Wall Around Sinkhole Sinks

Tap water is flammable 4 miles from Bayou Corne:


2.1 quake in Howardville, Missouri < MAP

This isn’t sinkhole related but it’s plain weird. Noise event(s) in Virginia -

“Police and firefighters in Colonial Heights were called out to three different parts of the city Sunday for reports of mysterious sounds. Some call them booms while others referred to them as explosions. Some said the noises were so intense that they rattled their homes. “It’s a loud, loud boom,” Clint Lanier, who lives in Chesterfield County, told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil. “It’ ain’t no shotgun and it ain’t no kind of gun. It’s like an explosion.” Sgt. Rob Ruxer with Colonial Heights police said dispatchers received at least three calls just before 5:30 p.m. Sunday from citizens in separate areas of the city about a loud noise. “There was a large boom. I thought it was thunder,” Kelsey Barnes of Colonial Heights said. “It kind of shook the house a little bit, but I have no idea what it was.” Officials have not been able to tie the booms to one specific area, but they have been reported for the past several weeks. ….”   MAP

David vs. Goliath
In his attempt to secure funding for coastal restoration and hurricane protection, John Barry refused to back down in his fight against Big Oil and Gov. Bobby Jindal