Gloomy Wednesday: A Large Twang at 5:13 A.M. + Methane Doom Prediction

Not on all the helicorders but very large at LA17-01. That is on the north side of Lake FUBAR.

Globe will very soon turn into a hot ball like Venus due to Arctic methane seep says scientist Guy McPherson.
. . .  ” The planet will not be habitable for the human species long beyond 2030.”   “Methane has gone expotential”  - 32:30 into this interview – AUDIO FILE

2.9 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee < this place always has them … fracking there?

DOCUMENTARY on Bayou Corne


USGS Announces Publication of Completed Report on Models for Baton Rouge Area Aquifers-

Heywood, C.E., Griffith, J.M., and Lovelace, J.K.,2014, Simulation of groundwater flow in the “1,500-foot” sand and “2,000-foot” sand, with scenarios to mitigate saltwater migration in the “2,000-foot” sand of the Baton Rouge area, Louisiana: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5227, 63 p.,,

Big Oil’s loosening grip

For generations, our politicians assumed that what was good for the oil and gas industry was good for Louisiana. As long as nobody looked too closely at what was happening in our coastal wetlands, few questioned that assumption. . . .


12/10/2013 — Tennessee / Georgia Earthquake — 3.1M along the Eastern Edge of the Craton


And something is up at Bayou Corne TODAY!


From Before It’s News – Warning: Killer Earthquake In New Madrid Fault (Video)

. . . .article gets into Sinking sand, sand boils, LIQUEFACTION. The video is just canned music.

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This was expected !  December 10, 2013 — A moderate earthquake has occurred along the Eastern Edge of the craton.

eastern craton edge earthquake dec 10 2013

Event Time

  1. 2013-12-10 23:49:31 UTC
  2. 2013-12-10 18:49:31 UTC-05:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-12-10 17:49:31 UTC-06:00 system time


34.995°N 84.812°W depth=8.3km (5.2mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 11km (7mi) SSE of Wildwood Lake, Tennessee
  2. 19km (12mi) SSE of Cleveland, Tennessee
  3. 28km (17mi) NNE of Dalton, Georgia
  4. 30km (19mi) E of East Brainerd, Tennessee
  5. 143km (89mi) NNW of Atlanta, Georgia



Why was this expected?  See my previous postregarding the Yellowstone (western craton edge) Earthquakes , and this post regarding the earthquake swarm in Oklahoma / Texas.

This current Tennessee / Georgia earthquake occurred after a series of larger events to the West and Northwest….. all happening along the edge of the craton .

The fracking earthquake swarm in Oklahoma / Texas, the supervolcano chamber earthquake swarm…

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The Hills are Alive . . . + Wed. News + Helicorders Kaput


This topic was in comments, off topic but of interest - Furloughed Mid-Michigan National Guard employees return to work (needed for “national security”??)

The AdvocateState shuffling dollars to pay for Bayou Corne sinkhole

Seventeen days into the new state budget year, the state Department of Natural Resources needed to borrow $8 million from the state treasury to meet the day-to-day expenses of Bayou Corne.

Months later, the money’s almost gone.

DNR’s biggest expense is paying CB&I to help with the science behind a 25-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish. . . .

They’d have a bigger expense if they paid full value for the HOMES TEXAS BRINE WRECKED! Then they could hand the bill to negligent drillers.

Brain-eating amoeba spread!  WAFB- ‘Brain eating’ amoeba found in 1 DeSoto Parish water system < DeSoto Parish is in west Louisiana about the middle – parish map

DESOTO PARISH, LA (KSLA/AP) – The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals says a rare[sic]  amoeba that caused the August death of a child in south Louisiana has been found in five locations(!!) in a north Louisiana water system. . .  

Pipeline Explodes in Harper County, Oklahoma

A pipeline exploded Tuesday night in Harper County, Oklahoma, causing a fire which could be seen an estimated 70 miles away in southwest Kansas.


HELICORDERS ALL QUIT JUST BEFORE 2 P.M. - Before that the helicorders had low grumbles all night, nothing big.
Texas Brine inspection report for 10-7.

West, TX fertilizer plant cited for safety lapses


Highway 70 Detour Boondoggle + Tues. News, New Fly Over

The Advocate – Sinkhole fears spur La. 70 realignment plans

“The more than year-old, growing sinkhole just south of La. 70 in the Bayou Corne area has raised worries about subsidence that could cut off La. 70 in just the wrong place. Commuters and school buses would be forced to make the time-consuming round, some fear.”

Keep in mind the tropical storms . . .

Bayou Corne mentioned at the end of this article – This Week In Natural Gas Leaks and Explosions

The Parish Blog says they are still at Code 34:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

A minute and a half! -


New Madrid Fault Zone Quakes

2.5 quakes at Koshkonong, Missouri < MAP
twin 2.5 quakes at Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP – so close together they have mistaken, identical info. They may be frack-quakes. They are hiding 1 of the 2 quakes . . . here is a screengrab from the RSOE map on Radioactive Chat -


Oxy 3 Cavern Floor Rises 116 Feet! + Friday News

The Parish blog says it rose 116 feet in a week!  Some more news from them.

Crosstex keeps doin’ it’s thing. They put up an update dated Aug. 20.


We found a Situation Summary  for Aug. 16th from GOHSEP. Page 35 gets into monitoring they say they are doing that Texas Brine says they aren’t doing. Oh, wait! They say they are doing monitoring north of Highway 70.
DEQ has left the building! Page 53- “The DEQ Command Post has been moved to Alexandria Staging Area due to Tropical Weather SOP”  DNR has a new Inspection Report (8-21)

2.3 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP

NBC 33 has sage words from  Sonny Cranch:

. . . Texas Brine spokesman Sonny Cranch said while it may look bad they are pretty sure the sinkhole won’t grow much more.
“The sinkhole, we think, is reaching close to its stable size. But this is a process of that process. (????) There will probably be some more trees slough in, as there have been in the past,” explained Cranch.
But Cranch admitted there is no way to know if or when the sinkhole will stop growing.
“We can only watch and be prepared to contain the sinkhole with our berms and other methods we use,”

Hey! Sonny Cranch is moonlighting over at CNSI!

That sinking feeling: Ongoing disaster in Louisiana

” . . . . Ecologist Sandra Steingraber noted that this type of mining presents “an inherently dangerous situation. When you keep drilling over and over and over again, whether it’s into bedrock or salt caverns, at some point you have damaged the integrity of this underground structure enough that something is in danger of collapsing.”

As hydrologist Jim LaMoreaux added, companies like Texas Brine are too busy trying to “not go over a certain budget and a certain time frame” with these operations, and don’t bother to do a proper survey of the environment. These companies, he said, cut corners and fail to commission the proper studies.”

Los Angeles TimesWatch grove of trees disappear below ground

“The way you get a sinkhole is you have a void underground,” Orndorff said, “but this cavern they were drilling was several thousand feet deep, and we are not used to seeing something this deep collapse all the way up to the surface.”

The Irish TimesLouisiana reassures public as sinkhole video goes viral

“Louisiana authorities have moved to assure the public that dramatic footage showing a sinkhole swallowing several large trees was not a “new threat to public safety” in the area.
The footage has received almost 3 million views since it was posted on YouTube on Wednesday by the office of homeland security and emergency preparedness in the parish of Assumption near Baton Rouge.”

Desmog Blog has a pretty accurate write up.

Deborah Dupre – Sinkhole Salt Dome’s 940000 Barrels of Butane Moving, Seismic Activity Goes Wild, ‘Are We NUTS?’


Thursday News

WBRZ- Flood official: oil companies ‘trashed the hotel room’
Loud booms over Tennessee
‘Crazy’ ants taking over Louisiana
There’s a big blog of storm down by the Yucatan peninsula weather sites are watching.
This map shows a lot of poor air quality on the Louisiana coast and central Florida.
The Parish blog has an activity update. No trucks on the berm roads due to “dampness”.

Helicorders show crazy seismic activity, sans work trucks today. The berm roads are soggy from all the rain this week so that may be the reason trucks aren’t out there screing up the helicorder results.
5 p.m. -



NOTE: We have added newer content to the posts marking the 1 year anniversary and to some of the recent explosions. Scroll down to see them.

Midnight Rumble & Thursday News

What happened at midnight last night???

LA12 -


LA17 showed it too, and that is near Hwy 70.

We have this from K.S. who lives there -

“That radical shake at midnight on the 27th, I hit the sack @ 11:50 that night. Right at midnight, I felt my camper “bounce”. No traffic passing. I actually got up & listened. Then I opened the door, looked out, & listened until a pickup passed. Then I locked up & crashed out. I’m in Pierre Part almost to Duffy’s Place, roughly 10 miles west of our place down La 70. I felt that surface bounce here. FYI.”

LATER – the helicorders may show this geo-phone hole work they are doing as reported on p.4 of the weekly SONRIS report.   heli_button

Texas Brine’s public  update page on the situation at Bayou Corne neglects the home buy-out update.

Forgotston -  LA most miserable state in U.S.

And some more explosions and this one in Memphis.

The AdvocateU.S. Senate panel looks at Geismar plant explosion

“The Geismar facility had not undergone federal inspection in recent years.”

WordPress is removing video embed in above post …… trying here -

2 Fly Over Videos TODAY

They are on the parish YouTube channel


Wed. News, Legal Round-Up

A new Situation Summary is out (5-21) They are back to CODE 1 at Lake FUBAR (p.33) What does p. 41 mean? “Continue clearing area for site #2”   Is DOTD rent-a-road-crew for Texas Brine at taxpayer expense??

Louisiana Senate committee approves sinkhole bills – House Bills 493 and 494

KADN – SB200 denied at the mercy of Lake Peigneur residents; AGL Resources in favor

LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN) — The residents of Lake Peigneur are fired up as ever after the bill, SB200, to stop the permitting process of AGL Resources in Lake Peignuer was denied by a mere two votes last night.  AGL Resources began their quest to create additional caverns in Lake Peigneur eight years ago, and with recent unexplained bubbling happening in the lake, citizens are concerned. . . .

Water crisis: Louisiana – Lake Peigneur bill defeated

Press Release by Save Lake Peigneur on the vote -


Senator Mills SB200 was reconsidered today. With a few hours notice we gathered 10 residents and Kathy Wascom, our lobbyist from LEAN to support our bill.

AGL had an estimated 20 lobbyists of extremely well-paid lobbyists.

Although we lost by a mere 2 votes, ordinary citizens battled against the extremely experienced lobbyists. In that sense we did not lose.

As always, Senator Mills was outstanding, in fact I was pleased to hear one of the lobbyists complain that his persistence and commitment was annoying.

We continue to applaud his integrity. We are also very grateful to the support we received from the 17 senators who supported SB200, including Senator Perry and Senator Cortez. Senator Guillory from St. Martinville remained absent although the parish government and law enforcement officials were staunch in their support of SB200.

The purpose of the bill was to stop the permitting process for at least 5 years to give time to truly study the numerous issues of concern; bubbling in the lake, contamination of the Chicot Aquifer, property devaluation and geological anomalies.

The state’s policies failed the residents of Bayou Corne. After nine months there is no resolution. SB200 would have assured clear unbiased solution. The 19 senators who voted against SB200 have gambled with the lives of 4000 Lake Peigneur residents as well as the drinking water for numerous parishes from the Chicot Aquifer.

Eight years have passed since AGL Resources began their quest to create
additional caverns in Lake Peigneur. The Bayou Corne disaster and today’s loss has made us more determined to protect our homes and environment.

Nara Crowley
Board of Directors
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

Judge greenlights class-action status for [4] sinkhole lawsuits

“U.S. District Judge Jay C. Zainey also will give Texas Brine Co. 30 more days to directly negotiate stalled out-of-court settlements with evacuated residents lacking legal representation.”

House near sinkhole burns after lightning strike  – lucky it didn’t set something off!

Lake Peigneur bill defeated in Senate

1.7 quake in Spring City, Tennessee < MAP  <<< Look how CLOSE it is to Watts Bar nuke plant

WAFB – Court approves sinkhole class-action suit

“Texas Brine had committed to issuing settlement offers within 45 days of property inspections. As of May 20, 66 inspected properties had reached the 45-day window. On May 24, 85 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection and 87 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection on May 31.”

Mississippi – Oyster leaseholders lose suit blaming oil spill berms for damage
Oyster growers on both sides of the Mississippi River who sued the state, dredge operators and BP claiming damages to their oyster leases in 2010 during the construction of berms designed to capture oil during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill had their lawsuit thrown out in two different federal courts on Monday. . . .


Displaced Residents Fed Up + Sunday News

Buyout delays have Bayou Corne residents outraged

BAYOU CORNE,LA (NBC33) — People living in Bayou Corne have had enough of waiting to be bought out. They say Texas Brine is wasting time and not giving any one an offer.

“Texas Brine playing a game of we’ll frustrate you. We will promise you things. We’ll disappoint you,” Nick Romero, Bayou Corne resident, described.

Texas Brine crews have appraised homes in the area, but so far no one has received a buyout offer. . . .

Thanks to Freedomrox for this tip - ;)

Lake Peigneur controversy seeks resolution

SB200 Lobby Squad:

A big vote Monday at the state senate to reconsider sb200. Let them know how you feel! Contact info is on the LEAN legislative preview page. It has a button link on the sidebar too.

Lots of seismic monitor activity.  LA14 going off full blast since midnight. Are they drilling, driving work trucks etc. at 3 and 4 a.m. there? Maybe a pump or machine doing the geo-phone installation. Cave-in and crumbling below usually looks more sporadic.

This weekly SONRIS report (well info from DNR) says (p. 4) a lot going on at Lake Verret and Gulf South is busy in Assumption Parish… and they are not putting in geo-phones.

New Madrid Fault Zone

  • 2.1 quake Damascus, Arkansas < MAP  < ~30 mi. from  rad_Y_tiny Arkansas One Nuclear Power Plant
  • 1.5 quake Dell, Arkansas < MAP
  • 1.9 quake Sale Creek, Tennessee < MAP  < next to 2 nuke plantsrad_Y_tiny  Watts Bar & Sequoyah

Wed. (seismic) News, Rad News

New Madrid Fault Zone itchy -

2.4 quake Damascus, Arkansas < MAP
1.7 quake Graysville, Tennessee < MAP <   fireradiation   Next to Watts Bar nuke plant (!)
1.6 quake Philadelphia, Tennessee < MAP
2.3 quake Mineral, Virginia < MAP <   fireradiation   Next to North Anna nuke plant(!)

corrected –

HUGE, HUGE worldwide BIG earthquake activity today recently – USGS list - ALL TODAY

6.8  39km W of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands2013-05-14 00:32:25 UTC601.8 km deep
6.5  139km NW of Neiafu, Tonga 2013-05-11 20:46:56 UTC205.4 km deep
6.5  31km N of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea 2013-04-23 23:14:42 UTC23.3 km deep
6.0  20km NNW of La Union, Mexico 2013-04-22 01:16:33 UTC30.0 km deep
6.6  56km WSW of Linqiong, China 2013-04-20 00:02:47 UTC14.0 km deep
7.2  251km ENE of Kuril’sk, Russia 2013-04-19 03:05:52 UTC112.2 km deep
6.6  23km ESE of Aitape, Papua New Guinea 2013-04-16 22:55:27 UTC13.0 km deep
7.7  83km E of Khash, Iran 2013-04-16 10:44:20 UTC82.0 km deep

        frack-quakes today:
4.2  8km ENE of Luther, Oklahoma 2013-04-16 10:16:53 UTC5.0 km deep
4.4  12km ENE of Luther, Oklahoma 2013-04-16 06:56:30 UTC5.0 km deep

Maybe it has to do with this (except OK quakes) -

Fourth major solar flare in 48 hours – X1.2 peaked at 1:47 UTC today

Above big list ISN’T today … but there are big quakes recently!  We got confused by the ‘new’ USGS website.


DNR put out the Inspection Report for May 13.

S.C. -  fireradiation  Emergency Manager: No reason for concern after radioactive leak at nuclear station