Lake Peigneur Residents File Petition Against Dangerous Salt Dome at Jefferson Island

Bubbling- Lake Peigneur – Assumption Parish

We, the citizens of Vermilion, Iberia parishes and Louisiana are filing this petition, this 24th day of August in 2012 regarding the issue of AGL Resources/ Jefferson Island Storage Hub’ s natural gas salt dome cavern expansion at the Jefferson Island Salt Dome under Lake Peigneur.
Currently, at the Napoleanville Salt Dome in Assumption Parish, Louisiana a catastrophe involving a giant sink-hole grows daily.  About Lake Peigneur    Contamination of drinking water and earth from salt cavern gas storage leakage into the drinking water has resulted in evacuation of hundreds of residents with an unknown future. . . .–lake-peigneur—assumption-parish/article_b3c53a8e-f14d-11e1-ba69-001a4bcf887a.html


A short video on an earlier disaster at Lake Peigneur:

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