On Mississippi Nuke Tests at the Tatum Salt Dome

Scary. Several atom bombs blown up underground at the Tatum Salt Dome and then they just filled it in with gravel.

SEE: Nuclear Blasts in Mississippi

These are the nuke tests:

  1. Project Dribble  < it wasn’t part of the nuke tests. (Correction)
  2. Project Salmon
  3. Project Sterling

“Nuclear scientists investigated several potential test sites in Mississippi, but finally selected a site just north of Baxterville in Lamar County, about 28 miles southwest of Hattiesburg.  Geologically, the area was called the Tatum Salt Dome, a vast supply of dense salt located about 1,000 feet below ground level. Salt domes deep beneath the surface of south central Mississippi are the dried remains of a sea that covered much of the state in the Mesozoic Era.  The plan was to detonate one nuclear bomb about 2,700 feet down, in solid salt. ”

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6 thoughts on “On Mississippi Nuke Tests at the Tatum Salt Dome

  1. They didn’t put clean gravel in the cavity, just slurried the contaminated soil. The cavity is surrounded by 1,000 ft of salt in any direction. It should be secure. It’s essentially the same containment used by the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to contain transuranic waste (mostly plutonium contaminated trash).

  2. Hi there,

    There were actually only two nuclear tests at the site, Salmon and Sterling, detonated in 1964 and 1966 respectively. The Salmon and Sterling tests were part of Project Dribble, which was part of the larger Vela Uniform project.

    Additional, non-nuclear tests were performed at the site.

    🙂 Anne

  3. Thanks. I didn’t see that you had this. Since you aren’t so far away now have you spoken with anyone near the site? I’m curious about the issue of radiated frogs (or lizards) and/or deformed frogs-lizards. It seems that a radiated frog was reported in the 1970s. But, then someone who claims to have worked there for the EPA (and now works at some Nevada nuclear site) says that the researcher contaminated the frog. We have been looking for info on frogs and radiation online and it is really hard to find. One thing I’ve noticed is that they always come up with an excuse as to why frog deformations have nothing to do with the radiated site. I recall it having been well-known when there were plenty of WWII vets alive that there were deformed frogs at Hiroshima or Nagasaki. No luck finding that either. It seems like the info is being hidden. It is truly worrisome.

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