Maybe the pad will be seen in a new flyover video.

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The Shaw Group has completed the pad site on the North side of Highway 70 near the tower. The equipment is being moved to the Triche property today to begin on the pad site there. Shaw is hoping to start driving the casing on Tuesday. They are currently working on contractual issues with individual companies.

The geo-probe process is also expected to begin on Tuesday. According to the plan, there will be 4 geo-probe locations on the outer perimeter of the North side property, 6 locations on the Triche property, and they are still working with the residents on additional locations within the community.

Texas Brine has completed installing the 4″ casing. They are now in the process of dismantling the snubbing unit and are expected to complete that process today.

The dynamics of the sinkhole have not changed as of yesterday afternoon. Texas Brine is expected to resume with…

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The Shaw Group Sold to CB&I

Shaw Announces Agreement to Be Acquired by CB&I

BATON ROUGE, La.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jul. 30, 2012– The Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE: SHAW) today announced it has signed a definitive merger agreement with CB&I (NYSE: CBI) under which CB&I will acquire Shaw in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $3 billion.

Under the terms of the agreement, CB&I will acquire Shaw for $46.00 per share in cash and stock. Shaw’s shareholders will receive $41.00 in cash and $5.00 in CB&I equity (0.12883 shares based on an agreed upon recent average stock price of $38.81 per share) for each share of Shaw stock at closing.

The combination of CB&I and Shaw will create one of the world’s largest engineering and construction companies focused on the global energy industry. Both companies believe this agreement will create value through a combined company with broader participation in a robust energy market. . . .

[The Shaw Group is doing the relief well work at the sinkhole]

Very good questions!

Bayou Corne Sinkhole

What is the progress of the venting as well as the rate of increase or decrease of pressure in the aquifer? What is being done to determine the extents of the gas bubble from the center… and what is the level of pressure reduction of gas in the aquifer that needs to be reached in order for it to be considered safe enough for the mandatory evacuation order be lifted? …

Since vent wells drilled close to the site were pressurized enough to blow out through the casing, is the DNR proceeding with drilling vent wells further away, i.e. under Pierre Part and Paincourtville area to determine the pressures there. If no pressure is found there, will they move closer and closer to the dome to determine where the level of concern should be and make contingency plans to evacuate the affected areas or will the communities have to wait…

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Video from Saturday Meeting: Dome is going to continue to collapse

From ENE-News

story + VIDEO

Sinkhole Briefing: Now testing ‘regionally’ for gas, up to 10-mile stretch of wells — “This could be going on for many years… Dome is going to continue to collapse”

SEE ALSO All of the meeting on YouTube.

Texas Brine took the weekend off

They have no updates. Maybe just the PR person has the weekend off.

We will watch and see when they get another update on cavern contents and status out.

Last update was Thursday (the 27th) – they had lots of news since they got into cavern 3 and were poised to do sonar tests. Like ultrasound for bats.

Check back here later to see if there’s a newer update from Texas Brine.