A Whole Lot of Info on Injection Wells

Documents and white papers

SSO Mechanical Integrity Testing

Journalism in the Public Interest – Injection Wells,
The Hidden Risks of Pumping Waste Underground

Catskill Citizens’ paper on injection wells (PDF)
defines Class I-III wells
from above PDF, Louisiana has hazardous/non-hazardous well ratio of 17:25 –



Texas Administrative Code on injection wells (PDF)
Texas 2012 Quality Assurance Protection Plan for underground injection (XML)

a powerpoint presentation file on Mechanical Intergrity Test, injection wells

Saltwater Disposal Wells

EPA paper on protecting underground drinking water using injection control

US Dept. of Energy, 1998 paper-
Disposal of NORM (nat’l occ radioactive material) contaminated oil in salt caverns (PDF)

Falcon Gas – storage and single point failure risk (PDF)

      shortlink to this page is  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-6u

A little bit more on our post Sept. 3.

This will be linked from our page on salt domes (on the sidebar under “Extra” header).

7 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Info on Injection Wells

  1. Wow! You’ve done some impressive research.
    I’ve been interested in this topic since the sinkhole formed, thanks for putting it all together.

    • oh, there’s more. Mostly on the ‘Salt dome page’ and on the ‘Methane’ page.
      I put up these items so readers can get a little vocabulary to do searches.
      Before this got going I had NO info.
      This blog was made just for organizing that info (a sub-blog fro Flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com)

  2. Did I read this correctly?

    Injection Wells pg 6

    “Class 5 inject hazardous or radioactive wastes into or above underground sources of drinking water”

    INTO or above, really?

    • oh probably ….
      but they may have some explanation with more details on why they think that’s OK.
      I have impression (can’t prove it) that Texas has more well regulations, safety rules etc. than Louisiana and they move all worst stuff to La. Just opinion . . .

      • Your so right. I lived in Cent. Tx for two years in 99 and 00, just east Georgetown. Also in Houston for a year, ending 3 months ago.
        12 years ago, I worked for a rural electric co. We used to bring power to rigs and wells and such.
        The sites were clean and organized on a different level.
        I often wonder what would have been differently if this happened in Tx.

        There were a couple cavern sinkholes in Tx in the last decades. Daisetta, and wink. An explosion in Brenhem in 93, also

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