Troubled History of the Sinkhole

 from Aug. 14 –

Louisiana sinkhole: What are they not telling us?
by TXsharon

[snip] . . . . Along with a massive sinkhole, anger is growing in Assumption Parish, La. as details emerge that state and corporate officials knew for over a year about the potential for structural failure at a salt mine used to store oil and gas drilling waste but failed to alert local residents. . . .

Dome issues kept quiet

Above investigation reveals many great finds like this:

“DNR officials allowed Texas Brine to deposit naturally-occurring radioactive material arising from drilling into two company salt caverns, including the one that may have breached in the Bayou Corne area. As of Wednesday, state environmental officials had not tested the sinkhole for radioactivity.”

Courthouse News, Aug. 13 – Giant Sinkhole May Be Radioactive

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