Dangerous Gases at Sinkhole

From The Examiner

Sinkhole dangerously elevated, possibly flammable hydrocarbons

A new report issued Thursday indicates that sludge material floating atop the surface of the Assumption Parish sinkhole is hazardous and possibly in the flammable range, according to award-winning rights advocate and environmental scientist Dr. Wilma Subra, sober news as a Pemex gas blast in Mexico on Tuesday killed thirty.

Just in time for the community driven Town Hall meeting Thursday night, Dr. Wilma Subra, technical advisor for Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), released a report that shows the sludge atop the sinkhole and inside it is hazardous to public health and safety. . . .


LEAN Lists Volatile Organic Compounds at the sinkhole –

[chart with compounds listed] article By Wilma Subra –

“State of Louisiana data shows that hydrocarbons in the sink hole sludge are dangerously elevated, while radiation levels exceeded background by only a small amount.  Based on this limited testing, this sinkhole sludge is a hazard because of the presence of the diesel fuel, which can contaminate air and groundwater. Hydrocarbon levels may also be in the flammable range.  ”



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