Exact Location of the Butane Cavern (Map) and Extra Info

Butane cavern location on map – it is Crosstex Well #1 –



Above art from Louisiana DNR – Sept 2012

This flyover video clearly shows the location too.

This Face Book page has a great annotated PHOTO of it.

A lot of links on this post is in PDF format.

Louisiana DOTD map
art from  http://www.edsuite.com/proposals/proposals_280/dotd_area_of_operations_fi_391.pdf

Where are the 2 Crosstex butane caverns?

The new location is called Well #1.

Crosstex plans to transfer butane Aug. 21:

BAYOU CORNE — Crosstex Energy LP of Dallas plans to begin on Tuesday shifting liquid butane from one underground storage cavern to another in the Napoleonville Salt Dome, moving the flammable product 1,000 feet farther away from a large sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish, company officials said. . . .

Crosstex has two caverns at its salt dome facility south of La. 70 South between Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou.
The cavern now holding the 940,000 barrels of liquid butane is 1,500 feet from the sinkhole.
The cavern Crosstex plans to move the butane into is 2,500 feet from the sinkhole, McMillan said.
Labeled “Well #1,” that cavern is filled with brine and empty of hydrocarbons, company officials told state regulators.
The cavern has a capacity of 1.7 million barrels and had held propane early this year, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Crosstex pipeline map

Louisiana DEQ says not to worry, butane won’t blow up and why.

The upshot is they say because the butane is 1/2 mile below the surface and the sinkhole is only a few hundred feet deep they won’t intersect.
and Crosstex’s original letter to DEQhttp://www.slideshare.net/Revkin/louisiana-officials-little-risk-of-butane-explosion-at-sinkhole-site

Govenor’s Aug. 3 emergency order for Crostex to shut its pipeline near the sinkhole

Baton Rouge Today article ‘F.A.Q. ‘ goes into detail about the butane caverns (stored in and cavern it was moved to)

Copy of F.A.Q. article < Alt. link
From above:

Well #1  inspection report with a lot of data  (aka: lease name,  GUS J LABARRE #001):
Bubbling located 50 feet west of Well #1, serial no. 39252.  (Photos bottom of page) dated June 29, 2012
Exact location of well –  30  0′  9.2″  N,   91  8′  41.9″   W

A 2009 FAILED Inspection Report. We put on our server so they can’t erase it. It was a bayou navigation hazard it says.

There’s a STREETVIEW option on this Bayou Corne Google Map. You get the STREETVIEW by clicking on the pin mark .

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