A Tool for Drawing on a Map – Useful for Sinkhole Discussion

This utility lets you go to a Map and “draw” freehand on it on your computer.

It is called  GPS Visualizer : http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/draw/

Instructions are on it.

To make a graphic with your drawing on it of the Bayou Corne sinkhole just enter “Napoleonville, La.” in the search box and you get a great (zoomable) map!

To save it you use the box in the upper right . . . OR . . .  on a PC you hit the CONTROL key and the Print Screen key (it does a screen grab) and you open PAINT or other drawing utility and press CONTROL and ‘V‘ key. Do a ‘Save As…’ to your computer.

You can use the same trick to copy a flyover photo to your art utility to draw on it too.

The link will go also at the bottom of our MAPS page for easy reference.

Another Idea About the Expanding Sinkhole – By David V. Humphreys

We had an interesting COMMENT here by David. V. Humphreys who said:

I may be wrong but I’m sure that I can see a crack opening to the west on the other side of the pipe road, and another to the south. Both are faint but they are there, at the moment the one to the south appears to be just a discontinuity in the tree running from west to east, but it does have water at both ends.

The one to the west is definitely there and from what I can see on the photo above it contains water and connects to a dark line on the track to the west.

He was kind enough to send a graphic of his idea:


good photo, graphic!

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Below is a link to a map of the sinkhole area. The traced red line overlaying the photo depicts the area and size of the slough in that was reported to us on yesterday afternoon.

For future reference It has also been linked to the Police Jury website at:

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Napoleonville faucet water found flammable – NBC report + UPDATES

NBC News 33Faucet water found flammable in Napoleonville man’s home

story + VIDEO


ASCENSION PARISH,LA (NBC33) Imagine going to grab a glass of water only to find out what’s brewing inside the cup could burst into flames.

“If I can light the water in my faucet something is wrong,” said Napoleonville resident Ronald Pate.

Pate lives four miles away from a giant sinkhole in Bayou Corne. He says ever since the hole formed he’s noticed something extra in the water.

“I noticed more bubbles in the water,” said Pate. “I mean it wasn’t like that before.”

Pate’s water comes from a private well on his property. He says after heard about what happened in Bayou Corne, he called in the Department of Environmental Quality to help figure out what’s going on. The DEQ checked inside Pate’s water shed and found increased levels of methane gas. . . .

ENE-News has some interesting follow up information on this story.

YouTube videographer, Idahopicker, weighs in on the story:

LINK – http://youtu.be/SMm6tq3hmT4

Nov. 2 –

Sinkhole area flammable methane tap water unrelated(?!?) to disaster says DEQ

shortlink to this page –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-Gh

Is Foam in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy from ‘Synthia’ BP Spray Experiment??

This deserves wide attention –


LINK – http://youtu.be/ETuTdl2jsZ8

The foam slop may be connected with synthetic life-forms put into the Gulf of Mexico by BP.  The video version with commentary by Idahopicker has a theory.