Texas Brine vs State Officials Feud

Sinkhole leads to finger-pointing

By David Mitchell, the Advocate

[snip] . . . .The largest recorded earthquake in Louisiana history did, in fact, occur northwest of Napoleonville on Oct. 19, 1930.

Before seismic monitoring started, when questions about Bayou Corne tremors were being raised, DNR officials took note of that 4.2 temblor and the role of ongoing subsidence in Louisiana.

But DNR officials have since said that subsequent seismic data shows Texas Brine’s claim last month had it backward. . . .


Meanwhile the feud between Jindal and D.C. continues. It goes all the way back to Katrina when Louisiana was supposed to match federal funds given as aid and reneged on the agreement after taking the federal money.

Now, in a huff, Jindal shoots barbs at Washington while spending the loot. So Washington is letting Louisiana twist in the wind with this calamity.

SOURCE for Jindal/D.C. bit above:  see 23 min. part of this video – LIES UNCOVERED LA. SINK HOLE “EARTH QUAKE” REPORT

3 thoughts on “Texas Brine vs State Officials Feud

    • yeah! I posted that item because I think the feud will get bigger.
      I just added the source for all that stuff I said about Jindal. Took a bit of time to find it!

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