DNR Holds Texas Brine Accountable for Sinkhole Mess

the FIGHT continues….
Texas Brine must’ve pissed them off again to make them spill this one!
see earlier post on the feud-

Assumption Parish Police Jury


For Immediate Release
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012
Contact: Phyllis Darensbourg, 225.342.0058

Office of Conservation Orders Texas Brine To Assess And Abate Natural Gas In Bayou Corne Area
Order draws from scientific evidence that shows Texas Brine cavern failure led to crude oil and natural gas reaching surface

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh today ordered Texas Brine LLC to take action to assess and abate threats to public safety and the environment caused by the failure of its abandoned brine cavern on the west side of the Napoleonville Salt Dome, including the presence of natural gas in the area ground water aquifer.

Welsh said that order is based on analysis by the Office of Conservation and expert consultants with the Office’s contracted agent, Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure, and came as a result of the latest information from sampling and testing of water, natural gas…

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4 thoughts on “DNR Holds Texas Brine Accountable for Sinkhole Mess

  1. Why is the criminal being ordered to investigate the crime? Did I miss something? Have I fallen down the rabbit hole again? Can this not be taken out of Texas Brine’s hands? Make them financially and criminally liable, but for all our sake get some REAL experts in there to take over this mess.

  2. No you havent missed anything,it would cost money to fix the problem and protect the public,the company that is responsible is in business to make money not spend it,no matter the cost to average citizens or the enviorment,its business as usual and by the way the BP OIL SPILL IS STILL SPILLING,ill be glad when mother nature finally has enough and shows these ultra rich idiots who is boss.

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