Methane in Louisiana Coalbeds

Just looking up some methane info we got a whole bunch of info on methane in coalbeds and there’s plenty of them in Louisiana.

Here’s a little bit (many in PDF format):

Holy Cr**!!!  The Central Louisiana Coalbed Methane Basin (CELCOM) is part of a much larger coalbed methane basin, the Tertiary Coalbed Methane Basin, which covers parts of seven states”

USGS: Coalbed Methane Potential in Louisiana < you can see whose side their on!

Louisiana coalbed methane object of study (subscription)

32 page paper: Investigation of methane emissions from an advancing face in the Belle Isle domal salt mine, Louisiana

Univ. of N. Texas: Investigation of Methane Occurrence and Outbursts in the Cote Blanche Domal Salt Mine, Louisiana
gaahhh!!   “Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies conducted on the outbursts of salt often responsible for fatalities in salt mines. The salt samples were tested for methane content…”

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