Texas Brine claims sinkhole isn’t expanding and everything’s under control (!!)

They claim in their public advisory yesterday that just a few trees fell in (!). And they DIDN’T NOTICE a giant section of pipe floating in the sinkhole (!).

And they pretend the DNR isn’t mad at them and don’t reply to the charges blasted at them from the Assumption Parish blog.

And.. they say they are containing the sinkhole oil with those yellow booms, they just need a little re-adjusting.

Notice all the dead, dying trees in the foreground? Many surround the sinkhole for miles in all directions as seen on the fly over vids. Check our recent post “On why so many Bayou Corne trees appear to be dead or dying”. If Texas Brine’s clean up operation is to remove some dead trees they had better get the Army, Navy & Marines to help them!

Idiotic bragging by Texas Brine . . . . are the kidding??? 

Texas Brine idea of PR

MORE – Texas Brine vs State Officials Feud

2 thoughts on “Texas Brine claims sinkhole isn’t expanding and everything’s under control (!!)

  1. In their response: “The oil containment boom surrounding the sinkhole was repositioned to ensure hydrocarbon capture.”

    Mercy, truth known – there’s not a boom BIG ENOUGH to surround the size of this sinkhole, let alone capture of hydrocarbons in abundance there!! All they’ve done is put one out there afloat and acting like that’s really doing something!?

    With latest flyover the number of white and dying trees is a sure sign of the size of what’s to come. This devastation and crime against humanity is far from being near over….. and NO ONE has ANY control over what’s happening.

    Plus, how can they be “in control” of the situation when they haven’t got a clue or any answers as to what is happening?? That is, what they’ve told the public as of this past Tuesday evening….

    • yeah, yeah & yeah!!
      Who do they think they are fooling???? That stupid yellow boom …. agggg ….. the oil just goes right under it! And when they re-arrange it they’ll make a big press announcement about it!
      I had a bit on dying trees (clearly visable in the fly over)

      …. will add it to the post.

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