Texas Brine Caused Sinkhole Calamity . . . “cavern was mined too close to the edge of the salt dome”

Lots more on the DNR accusation that Texas Brine caused the sinkhole being substantiated.

La. sinkhole, bubbling gas linked to Texas company < TEXAS COMPANY??? How About Naming It . . .  TEXAS BRINE!

Lots of backstory to the whole thing in the Houston Chronicle [AP story]  via Cain Burdeau . . . .PLUS this bombshell:

Wilma Subra, a chemist working with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network on monitoring the Bayou Corne sinkhole, said it appeared that the cavern was mined too close to the edge of the salt dome. She said more should have been done to figure out if the cavern was prone to collapsing when problems were discovered in 2010.

AP, AP . . . what is it about oil companies and euphemisms for them in headlines???

4 thoughts on “Texas Brine Caused Sinkhole Calamity . . . “cavern was mined too close to the edge of the salt dome”

  1. From the end of the release: “He said the company and officials so far have told the community not to worry. ‘They say it’s not harmful to the fish, to the water, to humans. But I’m skeptical.’ ”

    So, what’s the deal with community members now having symptoms of benzene/methane/petroleum poisoning?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    From flyover pilot on 10/11 : “I will say the odor was the heaviest and strongest I have ever experienced in all my time in Louisiana. Perhaps even worse still was that the odor was hovering directly over the community… I have no idea whatsoever how the workers can tolerate being anywhere near it.”


    Have you found anything on the new Texas Brine cross section of the sinkhole released Wednesday which shows a roughly funnel-shaped hole that comes to a sharp point 449 feet underground? Said, the hole has a surface at the top of 4.2 acres and has an estimated volume of 550,000 cubic yards, according to the illustration. (from The Advocate http://theadvocate.com/news/4121479-123/expert-links-gas-sinkhole)

    • Like many I am not from that area but am intensely angry those people have been left up a creek without a paddle! It all need to be exposed!!!!

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