Louisiana Public Records not ‘public’ at all! [Updated]

Louisiana has laws forbidding access to government records. Record requests are declined. It is reported on by The AdvocateLetter dissuades request

“Deliberative process is a legal term that involves the internal agency mechanics of making a public policy decision. Supporters of the exemption argue that advisers would not feel as free to give unfettered advice if they knew their thoughts could be made public. Louisiana law protects deliberations in the Governor’s office and for agency officials’ recommendations to the governor.”

Pretty handy if you are a governor who ignores a statewide disaster or a parish official or a state official taking orders from oil companies (who are generous campaign donors).

UPDATE, Oct. 16

 Gov. Bobby Jindal is switching up his top legal adviser.

From WAFB – BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) –Jindal announced late Monday that Executive Counsel Liz Murrill is leaving the governor’s office and going to the Division of Administration.
No word was given for why Murrill was leaving. The governor’s office did not immediately respond to questions about the staff reshuffling or provide an explanation for the abrupt move.
Murrill’s move to the Division of Administration comes as her role had gained attention because of advice she has given LSU on shielding documents from the public. . . .


Death of Jindal’s transparency and accountability in Louisiana’s public records

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