Northwest Louisiana Reporting Loud Boom, Shaking . . . Updated


The Examiner –

Loud ball of fire explodes in Louisiana

Underground bunker explosions just as planned say experts



UPDATE: They say it’s an explosion from stored munitions. Hmmmm.


Munitions explosion when FEMA is about to do a big multi-state earthquake drill (Oct. 18)? Hmmmm.

KMSS tv – Overnight explosion heard over Louisiana and Texas was not a meteorite

Mile And A Half High Mushroom Cloud Near Camp Minden Louisiana Shreveport “Bunker Explosion”


Some PHOTOS of the site.

Oct. 17, UPDATES

A GOOD SUMMARY: The WatchersLarge explosion reported at Webster Parish

MAP of area – graphic

A PHOTO of the type of bunker there.


Something shakes northwest Louisiana

Camp Minden bunker explosion rocks northwest Louisiana area residents

Something shakes northwest Louisiana

Blasts rock U.S. bomb recycling plant, prompt evacuations

It is run by STATE of LOUISIANA(!) ↑ Louisiana took the site over from the federal government last year and it is now occupied by several businesses.”

Camp Minden bunker blowout rattles buildings, nerves

3-D Radar of Mystery Object That Hit Louisiana

Camp Minden bunker blowout rattles buildings, nerves < Looks like quickly crafted COVER STORY!!

Monday night noise was explosion at Camp Minden

“The website for Explo Systems describes the business as an explosive recovering and recycling business.”

From a Comment on Above Top Secret –

Officials: Explosion at Camp Minden industrial site didn’t reach into Texas

Comment below article – “Now why would they be lying about this, when so many people over a wide area saw what was clearly a meteorite in the sky?” by . . .  they have this headline:
Update! Meteor impacts Louisiana, explosion causes damage to nearby buildings, cover-up swings into operation

” . . .  Just last week a massive explosion caused a mushroom cloud in southern Russia. It was blamed on an accident, “probably caused by a lit cigarette” (yeah right!), as some 4,000 tonnes of soon-to-be decommissioned munitions were supposedly being unloaded from a train at a remote military base. Injuries were initially reported but then this was retracted, leaving no on-site injuries where surely there should have been at least a few, especially given that windows were shattered on buildings in towns located up to 40 km away.
We had been wondering whether or not this Russian “munitions accident” was covering up for an overhead airburst caused by an incoming meteor or cometary fragment … and now something rather similar has happened in southern U.S. one week later!


LINK –  < good links here too!

Vacherie Dome near Minden, Louisiana IS A NUKE WASTE DUMP!

All quiet about Webster Parish explosion

Explo Systems Inc. officials canceled two news conferences Tuesday morning. Explo has not yet made an official statement about the blast.”

Conspiracy theories abound in wake of Camp Minden bunker explosion

Adding credibility for some is the National Weather Service’s report of “unique atmospheric phenomenon” near Dixie Inn about midnight Monday. “Phenomenon meaning people saw something, but we don’t really know what it is,” said Ken Falk, science and operations officer with the Weather Service’s office in Shreveport. “Until we can figure out what happened, it’s just a word we use.”

Minden bunker blast 911 tapes released < has VIDEO

Oct. 18 – Meteor brings blazing skies, leaves mouths agape around California

“Wednesday’s light streak comes as astronomers expect a more dramatic light display this weekend that is part of the large, fast Orionid meteor shower, so-named because it has the Orion constellation as a backdrop. The Orion meteors are space debris from Halley’s Comet, and they become visible as the earth crosses through their trail, according to the Sacramento Bee.
Braidman said he does not think Wednesday’s meteor and this weekend’s Orionid shower are connected.

Oct. 19 – Fog, moisture helped delay blast source discovery

“As for why no one could confirm the source of the blast until early Tuesday, Harris said that the blast site was not easily visible due to darkness and fog. He added that moisture in the ground because of recent rains allowed the explosives to burn out quickly.”

La. sinkhole methane caused Minden explosions is possibility physicists say

Louisiana National Guard issues statement on Camp Minden explosion

Camp Minden off-limits until after cleanup, military explosion statement

Natl. Guard Releases PHOTOS of scene

Oct. 30 – Mississipi fireball report and a witness to it commented here.

EPA profile of the site

Nov. 17 –


Nov. 29 –


A local update with news about Minden residents.

Dec. 3 [Minden] WAFB- Doyline evacuation extended; 6M pounds of black powder to be moved


June 22 – TNT Dump at Camp Minden – NY TimesExplosives Company Executives Indicted


Jan. 10 – Plan to BURN 15 million lbs. of M6 propellant at Camp Minden


NOTE:  News about strange sonic booms etc. OUTSIDE LOUISIANA (England etc.) are going to be  put on “NW Louisiana Explosions – Oddities” page.

shortlink to this page –


5 thoughts on “Northwest Louisiana Reporting Loud Boom, Shaking . . . Updated

  1. i was driving in mississippi and saw a fireball falling. it hit beyond my view. It looked almost so bright it was silver like foil. I did not hear it whatever hit…could it have been something breaking apart? This was yesterday afternoon… 30th.

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