WE ASK: Why Aren’t There More People Working on the Sinkhole Problem?

The assigned clean up advisers and decision makers from The Shaw Group, Texas Brine and the state of Louisiana seem to be in no rush to ‘solve’ the sinkhole mess.

  • They were extremely slow in getting a profile of the failed cavern.
  • On flyovers only two or so skimming boats (very small recreational craft) are seen on the sinkhole ‘lake’.
  • Constant denials the sinkhole is expanding when obviously it is doubling in size and not stopping.
  • No ‘live data’ available to the public from the site.
  • Very little manpower at the sinkhole.
  • No offer to buy out homeowners and no timeline for an offer.
  • No outside help is requested via blogs or teleconferencing from other experts.
  • No inquiry into relationship between the sinkhole and the BP disaster.
  • Denial that the BP spill is still spilling.
  • No concern over synthetic lifeforms put into the Gulf to ‘eat’ oil and how that can affect the ecosystem of Louisiana.
  • No concern about the cypress tree die off for miles around.
  • No nature survey of bird life etc. even though a disappearance of bees would cause havoc with farming in the state and beyond.
  • Ignoring evidence  the Bayou Corne sinkhole affects events (bubbling, fires etc.) in other parishes.
  • Admitting they are in unknown territory intellectually but not asking for outside help.
  • Having federal agency experts on site but not telling the public.
  • Knowing this is a possible national emergency or event and pretending it is a parish concern only.
  • Not announcing contingency plans for placement of livestock in the event of evacuation. This was a suicide issue for farmers in Fukushima’s disaster.

The list goes on and on. Who do they think they are fooling???

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14 thoughts on “WE ASK: Why Aren’t There More People Working on the Sinkhole Problem?

  1. Corporate oil interests destroyed the environment, the people and the health of future generations in Iraq and many other places around the world, with the help of the criminal embeds within the US government. Why are we surprised that these same interests are willing to do the same thing in Louisiana? Louisiana and many other areas across the US will be made into barren wastelands. No problems. It’s good for business, much easier when you get those pesky humans out of the way.

  2. Very sad and disturbing the weight of their excuse for inaction is the fact of this being an unprecedented event. Since they are unable to copy actions of situations before they are understandably cautious of each step. But they act like they’re afraid to BREATHE! They claim to be experts in their field yet their education and vast job experience cannot aid them in this task. Fine. What’s NOT fine is it has taken weeks for them to JUST NOW bring on board a world-renowned expert (seismologist) — or is it taken this long to find an expert that will touch this situation?!? No one expects them to have all the answers, but for crying out loud….lives are in danger and the fear of accountability has these guys getting *nothing* done! Call in ANYONE and EVERYONE necessary. People don’t mind being told, “I don’t know the answer….” as long as they search and find someone who DOES know the answer. And, please, do so with urgency and intent!

    Oh, and yes — It does look as though their inaction is intentional. Still no one knows the truth of the matter.

    • YES!!
      VERY TELLING … they didn’t use a laptop and a creen projector to show their maps and charts at the meeting … BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO!
      If they can’t do a simple Power Point presentation to a medium sized group of people you KNOW they don’t utilize computers for ANYTHING.
      These are guys who have had field careers fetching pipes and taking meter readings with their bachelors degrees from 1970! (I’m making that up … but SHEESH!)
      If you do fundraising or any data-driven work of ANY kind you know how to pull in outside ideas from the net on the fly. These guys may as well be coal miners brought up out of a Kentucky shaft (no offence, Kty!) … they have NO clue and NO sense of urgency.
      They have a vested interest in finding nothing as the companies they represent criminally wrecked that dome and have legal and financial obligations to the residents. They should RECUSE themselves … except they may not know what that word means!

      And parish officials look on smilingly … like an over-indulgent mother watching a kid put muddy footprints all over a neighbor’s couch!!!

  3. They are being paid to be stupid! Thank you for every moment you have spent and are spending towards this situation. You have done more to put together facts than any expert or PhD. Many blessings to you. I’m sure the people of Bayou Corn are equally grateful for all the work you have done. I have learned so much and especially just how important it is to rely on investigative journalism and to be thankful y’all are out there.

    • You are very welcome! Back in August I figured this story would quickly spin out of control. I made this blog (spin off from the flying cuttlefish blog).
      Big thanks should go to Ms. Dupre at the examiner who does great research and interviews, the people at LEAN, ‘Idahopicker’ and all the full time workers who have challenged these petro-chemical kingpins!

  4. Man, someone needs to take the reins to solve this problem. It appears to me that people are always just trying to cleanup the mess the failed sinkhole has caused without discussion on a solution to fixing the sinkhole. Has anyone thought that maybe extracting the oil from bottom edge of the failed cavern would stop the oil from reaching the surface? Extract all of the oil, seal the cavern walls, fills the cavern to prevent implosion, and then put the cap rock on to close the cavern. We have technology to drill diagonally. Set the drilling rig far away from the hole because idahopicker showed areas of future ground integrity destruction. Check out idahopicker’s youtube channel for sinkhole videos that a hard to find else where. This sinkhole catastrophe has impacted the resident’s and businesse’s lives immensely!

  5. I would still like to to know when there gonna tell us were this crude oil is from. They have had those samples for awhile now?

    • I think they KNOW it’s BP but are not honest about it.
      I put 2 fancy science page links on the ‘Methane’ page (sidebar) about oil fingerprinting.

      It isn’t an unknown science.

    • Jon,

      From last night’s meeting…towards the end they said with the elevation (depth along the sides?) of the cavern, there were 3 or 4 oil production zones. Gas and oil are still there. These resources were tapped years ago but had since been left alone due to “it was not economical to produce” (imagine that!!) They are saying the crude is coming from these areas.

      No telling what they do with the samples they take….where they send them….for it takes WEEKS to get results back and that’s just inexcusable!

      Would be most interesting to know for sure. It would connect way too many dots if indeed it matched up to BP….again, their inaction makes it all (keeping public in the dark, media blackout, no answers) look intentional.

  6. Some years back someone made a mistake and bonked a big hole from a basement in Chicago letting in all the canal water. Many high rises flooded and they managed to team up and fix it.
    Just fix the damn thing.

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