Strange fireballs in sky and purple flames from the ground 57 miles from sinkhole

O.K. . . .  this is plain weird. We don’t think it’s fake.



The video maker may make more videos on the topic later.

The LOCATION is Paradis, Louisiana in St. Charles Parish. < MAP



shortlink to this page –


8 thoughts on “Strange fireballs in sky and purple flames from the ground 57 miles from sinkhole

  1. Well…..we knew it had to happen sooner or later. With the storms coming together soon, the influx of water into the NMSZ & tremendous presure being exerted upon the oil & gasses(the recently admitted methane pocket, those generated by Synthia & other genetically modified microbes & the destabalized Methane Hydrate Layer) we’re looking down the barrel of a very large bore rifle that is locked & loaded & ready to deliver a game changer, if not a knockout blow, to this Country.

    • I try not to post every darn thing out there … but it sure looks like some of these ‘odd’ items are tying together. And all roads lead to BP!

      I see this video by this fellow as very credible.

  2. Hi I’ve been following your blog everyday and I have been warning my family about what is happening over there. You have been very thorough in posting videos of importance to us and for that I thank you. These recent videos about the UFO’s and orbs and fire I believe to be true however I am having a hard enough time convincing family members about the seriousness of the sinkhole situation and to post things about UFO”s and orbs I believe is going to sabotage the great effort you are making to warn others about the urgency of this catastrophe in the making. Many people don’t know or don’t believe in the fallen angels from Genesis 6 and don’t believe the whole UFO theory and to many I think this is going to cause them to credit your website as not credible. I hope you remove this video and stick to the urgent matter at hand and that is the sinkhole. Thank you and God bless and thanks for the wealth of truthful info you are sharing here.

    • Yes, I agree. Posting the ‘fireball’ story (not from MIndon) was a little risk. I do not say EVERYTHING here is 100% proven … but we are walking in the dark bumping around here! So many ideas are better than a ‘narrow line’ and missing an important puzzle piece.
      On the news today/yesterday there was a chemical train derail fire in Kentucky.

      I would show that story to family to show the power of a much smaller amount of butane-related chemical fire.
      There is always the analogy of ‘boiling frogs’ where small amounts of info seem harmless strung out.

      Because of the fire in the woods I am keeping the video up… but I have a catagory ‘unverified’ for these things.

  3. The ‘aliens’ that seem to be appearing is either demonic activity or government activity! Satan wants the world to be mesmerized by the supernatural and convince them that all ‘miracles’ are from “God” . The Bible describes Satan as the ‘angel of light’ and the ‘master deciever. The Bible also warns us that in the last days the antichrist will fool the world with ‘signs and wonders’. Nowhere in Scripture does it reveal that God created ‘aliens’.

    • OR some nutty science program wants to create biblical ‘images’ (laser light show etc.) to distract locals from very dangerous toxic mess they made.
      The stuff the space people know is way ahead of what they say . . .

      But… who knows??? Everything is SO strange with these fireballs flying around!

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