Why So Many Are Worried About the Sinkhole and the New Madrid Fault

It may turn out that we are just a bunch of worry warts here with all the speculation about the Louisiana sinkhole.

It is exasperating for some at Assumption Parish that we keep on refuting their statements about the sinkhole not expanding, being safe, not dramatically affecting drinking water, not being radioactive etc. etc. when they are working hard to find solutions,  get Texas Brine to cooperate and manage the affected displaced residents.

A great deal on this blog is opinion. We are speculating in all directions as many want to put together occurrences far from Bayou Corne with the sinkhole anomalies. It is true much talk here is unverified, speculation etc. – but a great deal of information has been obscured by entities like BP, the EPA, the USGS and others who hold exclusive access to pieces of the sinkhole puzzle. So, of course we speculate and blow smoke! We can’t work with all the facts because so many of them are WITHHELD.

If anyone wants us to cut it all out then quit cropping fly over videos to mere seconds in length and let the public see live data and offer the residents a buy offer on their good homes which are now unlivable.

On the topic of the New Madrid fault this sums up a lot of how we all feel –

LINK – http://youtu.be/wfklmGapKEw

shortlink to this page –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-Jh

9 thoughts on “Why So Many Are Worried About the Sinkhole and the New Madrid Fault

  1. Again, I don’t understand why you think any of us deny the sinkhole is expanding, or will expand further? Can you give me links or the names of anyone that has claimed this?

    You say this: “If anyone wants us to cut it all out then quit cropping fly over videos to mere seconds in length and let the public see live data”

    I will agree with you there and have questioned that myself. Why have 4 videos ranging from 9 seconds to 53 seconds? I also thought it was to hide something. But then Ive filmed a few longer videos myself, where I had to put the camera down for a second, had a phone call that I didn’t want to be heard in the video, my dog barking, me coughing.Numerous reason for “chopping it up”. the bottom line is that they DO show everything around the sinkhole between the videos and the flicker photos, so what reason would they have to cut anything out? What could they be cutting out that isn’t already visible in what they do show when they show the entire area?

    You’re right about the rest too. We’ve had enough. We’re tired f no answers. We’re tired of being told test results are still not back yet after weeks and weeks. We’re tired of being kept in the dark about things and then hearing about it on TV or the newspapers. And, we’re tired of the attempt to “contain” this locally so the area politicians can control it all. We need help, and we need the MSM to get in on this. What can we do?

    • Thanks for detailed answer. Many, many times the Texas Brine update has said ‘no changes at the sinkhole’ when there is huge expansion.
      Didn’t mean to dump it all in your lap!
      Obviously you are under funded etc. for the task.
      I would like to see your situation covered like the hanging crane in NY.
      Lots of experts, constant media etc. etc.
      It isn’t the parish my rant is aimed at … it’s the bigger mass of feds etc. who are dribbling out tiny bits of info.
      The EPA did a detailed fly-over chemical analysis Aug. 25 but we’d like to see a new one to see if there’s a change.
      And USGS has well placed monitors on the site but on the main USGS site they leave the ‘Louisiana’ page blank and they don’t give out little snippets of news about if the tremors are a reaction to drilling equipment or an earth-event. They have the experts. They could give some news out.

      It isn’t your fault the governor is gallivanting all across the country politicking. That’s a problem right there.

      • Jindal can’t be seen caring about the sinkhole and supporting Romney. Romney says he wants to end Fed regulation of the energy sector. The sinkhole would look real bad for that plan. I’ve worked for several energy companies over the years, and while some are great corporate citizens, some just don’t care. I’m a painter and I have been told to throw old thinner and paint (toxic) into the regular dumpster, been ordered to dump blasting sand ( silica sand) into the water, I’ve seen industrial paint and thinner dumped on the ground, in Central Texas, where drinking water comes from wells, as well as cutting corners at the cost of safety, etc., all of which condoned by the companies. I seen such things in LA and TX. This sector requires regulators, for the sake of the Earth.

        I would not be suprised if the governor starts “caring” after the election.

      • As far as I know, Tex Brine has only not posted of one sinkhole expansion, and that was noted by all of us, and they did report it the next day (Oct 30) but AP had already posted about it.

        Assumption Parish has indeed been great about posting things to the Blog until recently. I strongly defended them at first but feel we are now getting more from the local media then the blog.

        The general feeling is that things are being kept from us now. Some feel the gas and oil are coming from one or more other damaged caverns, and therefore the reason for saying what was once confirmed as diesel, is now said to be crude.

        Totally agree about the USGS and that they should have someone do a minimal interpretation for us with unusual activity rather than simply provide a “how to read” page. Considering that last big one significant enough for USGS to notify the comman post of, and considering none of us that usually feel these tremors felt that one, then how DO we knowall those big spikes are notalso significant? We don’t. But, we have to also keep our common sense about us and anyone that looks at the 24 hour pattern can clearly see that they are mostly quiet at night, and start getting active about 6am until about 6pm.

        I would also like to see the type coverage being given to the crane,and Sandy, but for the first time in 3months, I am finally understanding why people are saying media blackout.

      • I just don’t want a hellish disaster to unfold there when something could be done to prevent it.
        Maybe they know what they are doing … but not confident.
        It would help a lot if national media did a story.
        Some sophisticated resources would get put there.

  2. In my opinion, on the one hand, Assumption Parish has been more transparent than anyone handling any disaster that I’ve ever seen. They give updates, photos, pics, etc. on a blog for anyone with an Internet connection to see. Much props to the parish.

    On the other hand, T.B., State and Federal Gov. agencies are much less forthcoming.

    Thank you for the disclaimer. While I don’t agree with some material here, you have my respect. And I agree that lack info fuels wild speculation. I’ve lived in south LA all my life and our state gov. has been like this as long as I can remember, regardless of which party.

    • I have to take back a lot of my ‘buckshot’ criticism of the people handling the sinkhole problem. The Parish workers have been overall very hardworking and open.
      It is way up the gov’t food chain that is foot-dragging (in my opinion).
      If the sinkhole opened up right at the site of some huge NASCAR race or Kty Derby like horse race they would move heaven and earth to figure it all out. They wouldn’t want an ‘image’ problem.
      It is mostly the oil and gas owners & contractors who are minimizing the problem and doing about the least they can!

      Everyone reading this blog looks forward to the fly over videos. Greatly appreciated.

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