Indiana Explosions – Methane? + UPDATES


UPDATE, Nov. 12

. . . . U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, who represents the area, said he had been told a bomb or meth lab explosion had been ruled out.
Dan Able, a 58-year-old state employee who lives across the street from the flattened homes, was puzzled by the blast.
“I’m wondering about all the possibilities it could be,” he said. “I don’t know how a gas leak could do that kind of damage.”
“We just don’t know” what the cause was, said police spokesman Kendale Adams. “We’re working to get to the bottom of it.” . . . .

Idahopickers: Indianapolis EXPLOSION: NOT Gas Explosion

what a gas pipeline explosion looks like San Bruno, CA

Idahopicker put up a part 2 – Indianapolis EXPLOSION “NOT GAS” CONFIRMED & Logical

Indiana blast investigation focuses on natural gas

Indiana Explosion Puzzles Authorities, No Reports Of Gas Leak Smell Before Deadly Blaze Leveled 30 Homes

Indiana explosion: Area treated as crime scene as investigation continues

Another Building Explodes In Indiana: 3 In Less Than A Week!

Greenfield restaurant engulfed in flames; witness heard explosion before fire


Nov. 14 –

Furnace may be behind deadly Indiana blast  (maybe not)

“Investigators said they have not determined a cause for the Saturday night blast that sparked a massive fire, blew out windows, collapsed ceilings and shook homes up to three miles away. Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said the search for answers could take some time.”

ENE-NewsAnother mysterious explosion demolishes home in Indiana — Captain: No fire with blast (VIDEO)

Before It’s News on 6 New Madrid Explosions In A Month

see also  –   NW Louisiana Fireball (Minden explosion)  page

Survivors of Indiana blast waiting for answers

“Citizens Energy spokeswoman Sarah Holsapple said the utility had found no leaks in its underground facilities in the neighborhood.”

Nov. 15 – BINGO!

ENE-News  –  Top Expert on Indiana Blast: “It looks like methane” … “Military ammo dropped from a plane would cause similar damage” — Company: No evidence of leak in gas lines

Experts: Analysis of Indiana blast could take time

. . . finding the actual cause could take time as investigators search through homes that have been battered or obliterated for any clues about faulty appliances and gas leaks. It’s possible they may never be able to pinpoint the cause.

Nov. 19 – Ind. home explosion now homicide investigation

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Authorities launched a homicide investigation Monday into the house explosion that killed a young couple and left numerous homes uninhabitable in an Indianapolis neighborhood.”

Nov. 22 – Demolitions Ordered in Fatal Ind. Home Explosion

[snip] “. . .  Indianapolis’ code enforcement department said Wednesday that it had issued demolition orders for 29 heavily damaged homes in Richmond Hill, a subdivision on Indianapolis’ south side. Four other homes, including two that were leveled in the blast, are being maintained for now as part of the crime scene.
Owners of 17 of the 29 homes under demolition orders have until Dec. 20 to consult with an engineer to determine if their home can be saved, said Adam Collins, deputy director of the city’s code enforcement department. But he added that some of the subdivision’s homes are so badly damaged they are in danger of eventual collapse. . . “

Nov. 29 –



MORE here later . . .         OTHER EXPLOSIONS

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4 thoughts on “Indiana Explosions – Methane? + UPDATES

  1. The gas explosion in Greenwood Indiana happened in a residential neighborhood surrounded by huge agricultural fields and a golf course. There is also a pond/water feature in the neighborhood that has a fountain spraying water high into the air.
    It is worth noting that this area is served by an area of the aquifer that provides flows of 600-1000 gallons per minute. *IF* “natural” gas has contaminated the aquifer, and *if* the gas were to migrate (rise) to higher elevations, then areas with the high flow rates required by commercial irrigation projects could provide increased risk of gas moving to the surface.

    • I wonder if the DA is uner pressure to get the gas co. off the hook so they don’t get found liable for damages.

      I read this scary article in the New Yorker about fishy evidence used in arson trials that is alllllll PHONEY. NO science behind it. A national scandal.

      A Reporter at Large
      Trial by Fire
      Did Texas execute an innocent man?
      by David Grann September 7, 2009

      so that’s just what I think of when I read that. jaded….

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