Outrage mounts over deep drilling near sinkhole

The Examiner

Public outrage if growing over Louisiana state officials providing a permit for deep oil drilling near the sinkhole that has now commenced near Bruly and normal operation drilling continuing in the salt dome near the sinkhole disaster site.

Louisiana sate officials have issued a permit to Petrodome Operating LLC for deep underground oil drilling only two weeks after the giant sinkhole, methane bubbling and seismic activity led to state of emergency and mandatory evacuations. . . .



The Advocate

Facilities around sinkhole allowed to continue operations

BRULE ST. MARTIN — Five miles as the crow flies from the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole near La. 1000, Petrodome Operating LLC is drilling for oil deep underground.

Petrodome is backed by an Australian company, Grand Gulf Energy Ltd., that has a trove of proprietary seismic data allowing the company and its partners to plumb strata a few miles off the Napoleonville Dome for oil and gas finds others have not tapped, company news releases and well records show. . . .


You may have read this story here back on Sept. 22 when we reported it.

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