A Variety of Ideas About the Sinkhole

This blog has had many differing ideas about what is causing the sinkhole in Bayou Corne.

Here is a list of some of the major ideas and more input from readers’ from the comments here:

Outer Space Theories

Video with a theory: Our world is changing: Looking beyond ‘the 2012′
HAARP is working to mitigate big astro earth-changing event about to happen to magnetic poles etc.
Weather modification not causing all the trouble but trying toward it off.

dark matter bombardment causing it

Craton Plate and magma, plate shifting, continent slide etc.

Dire Warning for Louisiana! Gulf of Mexico Collapse Scenario.

Dutchsinse talks about this in his videos. He is big on cross-continent connections and Craton Plate.

The Little Known New Madrid Pipeline Bomb

Caverns collapsing connected to BP disaster, fissure and methane seepage from the Gulf

Ideas about the Deepwater Horizon drill site area being responsible for the Bayou Corne disaster by sending methane up to Lake FUBAR through fissures.

Idahopicker says the sinkhole area is gradually sinking (water not rising) and the seismic activity is in part from from giant parts of the butane cavern caving in. He has many good videos on the sinkhole.

Dave Hodges opinion on the sinkhole story & BP

Is Sinkhole SEISMIC ACTIVITY Related to New Oil Slicks in the Gulf????

Prelude to LA SINKHOLE? Matt Simmons 6 wks before death: “BP lying through its teeth”

NOAA Covering Up Big Cracks in Sea Floor Made By BP?

BP Spill “Big Picture” – Video by ‘T.J.’

Audio File by Aaron Kaplan on Yellowstone, New Madrid Fault etc. – has Gulf coast doom scenario


Man-made earthquakes, the concealed causes of disasters

Alan says the Big Hum is way too close to the cavern and wrecked it and there’s huge pressure from an oil deposit there.

Henning Kemner  says military planning (for) a mass-death event around Louisiana

and more

Citizen Ideas as to What is Happening


Comments with ideas










ALSO – From Oct. 20: Citizen Ideas as to What is Happening


shortlink to this page –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-QM

10 thoughts on “A Variety of Ideas About the Sinkhole

    • Thanks for this link – I’ll repost it and I’ll do a little link to it at the bottom of Part 1 for easy searching.

      I just updated the ‘Indiana Explosions’ page with a story linking many new-mardrid-fault-area explosions which sort of relates to your article. Noxious gas seeping upward because of huge pressure below ….

      • yikes! I don’t mind if it does it in 10,000 years from now … but I for one AM TIRED OF LIVING IN A SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE!

  1. Back in the mid 90s, a very wise woman said to me “If you were a flea on a dog, where would you want to be?”. Thank you for all you do.

  2. I still favor the mundane on this: Texas Brine drilled too close to the edge of the salt dome and the side collapsed. Human tampering causes sinkholes in Florida and Paris and other places. I don’t see why it should be different in Louisiana. The splitting of the continent, New Madrid, etc. are separate things. There have been other manmade sinkholes in Louisiana. If humans keep tampering with the underground no telling what will happen. Texas Brine knew it was unstable and did nothing. I find mundane sinkholes exciting and bad enough, but it’s not to everyone’s taste.

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