New Madrid Fault Explosions

NOT INCLUDING INDIANA or NW LOUISIANA (they have their own pages) –


Nov. 14 – 6 New Madrid Explosions In A Month



Nov. 13 – Explosion At Cherokee Nitrogen Plant Under Investigation

thanks to Idahopicker

Mystery Explosions … all around the world?

Nov. 19 – Chemical Plant North of the Sinkhole Blows Up

Nov. 26 – It is STILL Smoldering(!)

Nov. 23 – Gas explosion in Springfield, Massachusetts levels building, injures eight

More on it  – they blame it on utility worker


Nov. 24 – EXPLOSION! North Carolina countryside

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada chemical plant explosion – it is just east of the N. Amer. Craton Plate < MAP

Dutchsinse is following a lot MORE (more than this blog can find) on his FaceBook page here:

Strange Explosion at night West Yorkshire, England, November 28 2012

Recurring Strange Sounds from the Sky, Monroe, Michigan

(Strange Sounds blog has many more explosions than listed here)

Dec. 1 –


Dec. 3 –


Dec. 4 – Reported explosion in RI remains a mystery

Dec. 6 – Gas Line Explosion In Goldsmith, Texas < has VIDEO

Explosion destroys Detroit print shop < has VIDEO

Dec. 7 – Two injured in house explosion near Mount Forest, Onario

Distance from Detroit to Mount Forest, Ont. is 198 miles

Dec. 12 – TOO MANY explosions to list here. We are not adding any more to this page. Just use the home page and enter “explosion” in the SEARCH BOX to see the latest blow up (which will get listed there).


You Tube Page for Real world Report – Explosions updates



See SIDEBAR for NW Louisiana Fireball and Indiana Explosion pages →

16 thoughts on “New Madrid Fault Explosions

  1. … at the time of the explosion there was reportedly “a plumber working in the house”, “a broken water pipe”, and “standing water in the basement”, which were ALL being considered “factors in the investigation”!
    Another point worth noting… this house did not have natural gas service!!!

    They did; however, have a pair of 100lb propane tanks beside the home.

    • ouch.
      Reporting explosions all up and down the craton and New Madrid because sometimes earth movement causes pipeline leaks and gas accumulation. It maybe that is happening a lot these past 2 mos.
      USGS not at all helpful in looking at gas pipeline decay nationwide or suspect earth movement.

  2. yeah, yeah …. every single giant explosion on the New Madrid is attributed to nat’l gas with NO additiional gas moving through the metered pipelines.
    These stories are already up on the Indiana Explosions page.
    The reason it is posted on this blog is because one of the scary symptoms of plate movement is fracturing of gas pipelines. Also no one ist checking methane migration through the New Madrid fault which seems to be the culprit.

    • The RI mystery explosion was reported Monday night (12-03-2012) at about 11:30 PM. It was described by residents as an explosive sound, accompanied by reports of a bright flash of light, and heard as far away as Mass.
      Oddly enough, on Sunday night (12-02-2012) at about 11:30 PM we heard a distant boom/rumble, and observed a bright (bluish) flash of light in the sky… in California. WTF is going on???

  3. Not a New Madrid incident, but very interesting none the less. A mysterious volcanic crater formation exploded into existence near Eagle Alaska on Sept 27. No one has actually set foot near the area, but flyovers show a pair of newly formed craters emitting steam with sulfur smell. More recent flyovers confirm continued “slumping” at the site…
    My apologies if you’ve covered this already 😉

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