Odd Seismic Activity in Tennessee & Georgia

Checking the helicorder page this jumps out – 2 big events show up in the same manner on charts for Chestnut Mountain, GA and Greenback, TN (map below). Other helicorders in the area show no or mild activity but not these jumps.


One thought on “Odd Seismic Activity in Tennessee & Georgia

  1. Did you know that Hurricane Sandy Caused Seismic Waves To Shake U.S. Like An Earthquake.
    I have seen this before in TN I think there man made Explosions.

    Do a search on this.
    Volcanic in the U.S..
    Asphalt Volcanic and Mud Volcano
    World’s Oldest Oil Spills: Asphalt ‘Volcanoes’ Apr. 28, 2010
    These undersea mounds of asphalt have been leaking oil for tens of thousands of years.
    Mud Volcano: they say there is no Volcanoes in Georgia or Florida
    Pigeon Mountain Georgia Volcano and in Florida The Wakulla Volcano.
    U.S. Volcanic Eruptions: “Non-Volcano Eruptions”
    Newspaper Clippings

    Louisiana sinkhole grows to 8 acres

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