Bayou Corne Seismic Monitors Off Today

They all konked out before noon CMT –

UPDATE – They came back up . . . The chart before showed the bottom half blank . . .


11 thoughts on “Bayou Corne Seismic Monitors Off Today

    • No idea. All I can confirm from inquiry to USGS is that occasionally the local monitor doesn’t quite hook up to the display computer and I guess they fool around and fix it.
      Just hope it’s not a big deal . .. usually they all don’t go out like today.

  1. How convenient! The number of events occurring coincidentally regarding the Bayou Corne sinkhole and surroundings are downright weird! Watch out for the powers that be(TPTB). I don’t know everything, but common-sense warns me that an agenda is at work to achieve a certain goal. One good indicator is the slow and deliberate missed opportunities to curve harsh impacts on the area’s economy and citizens. Another is the obvious paths that should be taken aren’t.

  2. I don’t believe in coincidences, and i have an annoying habit of stepping back and looking at how all the dots of many things make a picture. The picture is not pretty, and you in Louisiana are simply a small part of a very very….ugly panoramic view. So sorry!

  3. I find it interesting how such a huge environmental screw up isnt on any news channels up above the mason-dixon line….how is it the libs are’nt screaming “BIG EVIL OIL” from this insanity? America is being kept ignorant of the insanity going on down there. Since when do journalists ignore something of this magnitude? Even FOX NEWS is negligent.

  4. Local news report clips on the web are all thats available up here for us folks next to canada .(“out of sight out of mind”) . Here is another fine example of the govt hopefull that the problem just goes away and we’ll all be satisfied with a slew of news on hollywood and such, fed to us by national news….even FOXNEWS is negligent. 5 years ago it would have been an ecological tradegy that would have commanded answers by regulatory agencys and CEO’s before the public. Sorry southerners, some of us are praying for your safety – I dont think congress or the media will.

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