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Posts here about methane at the Bayou Corne sinkhole

Potential methane disaster in the Gulf

Gulf Stream Shift Linked to Methane Gas Escaping from Seabeds

Flammable faucet water


Methane in Louisiana Coalbeds

Giant Methane Pool in the Gulf of Mexico

On the release of the massive methane and poisonous gas bubble

Explosive gas trapped near sinkhole

Was Bayou Corne Area Ever Used for “Geopressured Production Wells”? + More on Methane

Uncontainable Methane at 100,000 PSI in the Gulf. Related to Bayou Bubbles???

Gas pressure increased in aquifer

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Some comments about  the  methane –

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2 thoughts on “Archives — Posts About Methane and the Sinkhole

  1. Doing a little house cleaning here. This will get put on the METHANE page so the posts can be more easily found by topic.

    Other old posts you may wish to find you can get from the search box on the sidebar.

    New visitors can check the bottom of the sidebar to see ‘favorites’ too.

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