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For Our Prepper Friends
Sinkhole Area Health Monitoring Failure
‘Big Hum’ oil reservoir shown flowing directly toward surface of giant sinkhole
A Free Car Filter Radiation Test
WE ASK: Why Aren’t There More People Working on the Sinkhole Problem?
Sinkhole Near Huge Chevron Salt Dome with MILLIONS of Gallons of Natural Gas
VIDEO: Deaths of 9 Gulf Oil Spill Whistleblowers + Sinkhole Topic
and more
Mega-Sinkhole-Area-Map from Jim Lee
Who is Floyd J. Karsten?
URGENT: Aussie Oil Co. Drilling 12,500 Ft. NEXT TO SINKHOLE for Gusher + Billions Cubic Ft. of Gas!!!

These are the 2 scariest forecasts

From Frredomrox –doomsday1 and from a Guest whistle-blower –

short link –

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