Emergency Declaration gets a 4th Add On

Fourth Amendment to Declaration of Emergency and Directive

In a nutshell –

  • Texas Brine ordered to deal with gas abatement in homes
  • put in more observation/vent wells and monitor the water
  • tell GOHSEP about any homeowner who refuses land access for monitors – no later than Nov. 27.
  • bump up  the flaring operation to 24/7 and quit shilly-shallying around with flame outs and flare off breakdowns.
  • report homeowners who won’t allow flaring on their property to GOHSEP by Nov. 22.
  • somehow contain all the oily sludge from getting out of the cavern and into the bayou.
  • if Texas Brine won’t comply civil penalties threatened.
  • They have 20 days to object via requesting a hearing.
  • They demand a whopping 2 additional observation wells (map).

4 thoughts on “Emergency Declaration gets a 4th Add On

  1. Wonder if DNR or Texas Brine will sign a document CERTIFYING no danger for any area residents. AND sign a document which would fund at 100% any and all damage caused by gas/oil/pressure/flooding/subsidence /economic/health from the Sinkhole–since its so safe..right?

    • These poor residents are ALL owed a 100% buy out as of yesterday! Plus a big bonus for inconvenience and stress!
      Louisiana has that BP penalty money … it is a pittance to pay up!
      And a the evacuation zone needs to be greatly widened and those homes too given a buy-out offer!

      • FCF, take a look at this page:

        and it will explain just what takes place everyday around Bayou Corne…then go back and take a good read of the Situation Report for K/D/S Promix.

        Click to access KDSIAP_11122012.pdf

        liquid hydrocarbon products from the fractionation of natural gas liquids
        NGLs include ethane, propane, butane, iso-butane, and natural gasoline ethane, propane, butane, and pentanes must be removed from natural gas before it can go into a dry pipeline. The natural form containing all of the above is what is stored in the caverns before it is ever processed by K/D/S Promix.

        These people all need to be evacuated and at the expense of every company using the Dome…period.

      • … and the evacuation area is skimpy (cheap). They need to evacuate many more people further out. All who have fled in FEAR need those cost of living checks also. Not just that tiny swath they say are in danger.

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