DNR / Texas Brine Score

scroll way down to see the score . . . (WordPress formatting not ideal!)


Texas Brine

information available to the public.
Skimming oil
and dead plants with tiny amount of workers and equipment
PHOTOS on the web for the public
gas bubbles but only in immediate vicinity
Makes weekly
fly over VIDEOS and puts them on YouTube for the public
the venting pipes
constant criticism from everybody. Mostly from blogs like this.
Giving public
“updates” with

  • no test results
  • no photos
  • no video

home inspections for residents to save them from the effects of noxious fumes
public meetings
with all State agencies at the site and keeping them apprised
of constant changes in the sinkhole conditions
Not doing any
radiological monitoring
Keeping evactuated
residents updated and announcing relief money disbursments
No live cam
set up on the site
the Shaw Group doing oil/gas industry tasks
Sticking to
their story that all the methane and other gases are ordinary
“swamp gas” – not gas resulting from their actions
Keeping vigil
on datastream from science monitors at the sinkhole
Not buying
houses they wrecked in Bayou Corne and being stingy in their “relief” payments
and pretending the affected area is a lot smaller than it really is
Piling up unpaid bills
generated by cleaning up after Texas Brine
Not paying for
the Shaw Group’s clean up or the expenses they are costing the parish or state
Texas Brine to pay their bills
Dawdling around and
answering state of Louisiana Emergency Declaration orders in a tardy fashion

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