Nuke Waste Fear at Sinkhole, Quebec Explosion & Tuesday News

Officials concerned about radioactive material below giant Louisiana sinkhole

They are dickering over whether there are radioactive waste materials in the sinkhole. They call it ‘NORM’ (to make it seem less toxic??) – – – but they KNOW IT’S THERE. We have the letters on our documents page.  Earlier post on it – – (p.4)   there is 20 cubic feet of radioactive waste in the cavern.

We added this chemical plant explosion in Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada) to our Explosions page because it is near the North American Craton Plate.  [Craton map added to the bottom of the MAPS page].

Neptune to resume operations at explosion site but also announces interim plan

LAVAL, Qc – Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. (TSX:NTB) says it plans to resume operations at a production plant in Sherbrooke, Que., the site of an explosion earlier this month, but has worked out a strategy to supply customers in the interim.

A powerful explosion in its industrial plant triggered a fire, sending 17 people to hospital Nov. 8.

The incident occurred in Quebec’s Eastern Townships at a facility belonging to Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, which produces health products derived from marine life like Omega-3. . . .”

Canada Quake!  Not far from that Quebec explosion earlier this month.

M4.2 – 13km E of Matane, Canada< has MAP    (thanks to Walter Coin for tip)

ENE-NewsPeople need to know if radioactive waste is coming up from the ground – Legal Expert

WAFB – Giant Louisiana sinkhole “burps” up debris



We’re following large seismic activity in Missouri. Scroll down for story.


MORE here later . . .

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