Strange Sounds Terrytown, Louisiana – Video

Strange Humming Sounds and Booms in Terrytown, Louisiana, USA, November 26 2012


Terrytown is just SE from New Orleans – MAP

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5 thoughts on “Strange Sounds Terrytown, Louisiana – Video

  1. Great catch by this lady, and not just th sund. Take a look hard and you will see gas rising rapidly in front of the moon. How do you know it is a gas? Simple, look at all the pretty colors. Definitely some type of petroleum gas.

  2. On second listen, I have to say that I would have to have video of the lay of the land. I have heard augers make the same sound, and I have also heard industrial sump pumps make a similar sound. All that I can say for sure is that the air she was filming, (if not tampered with), was full of petroleum products. Looks to be rising into the fast moving cloud base, so it is definitely a land source. No telling how far away from it came tho’, considering the base speed.

  3. Actually, no. If the wind speeds are high in the lower atmosphere, then she was in no real danger. It is rather a hazard to wherever any heavier gases may settle. If just a light gas, then it would travel and disperse into the atmosphere. Then somewhere come back down bonded to rain or snow.

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