Some Little Items + Helicorder tech info

As usual we can’t find any big news to report.

Texas Brine says they aren’t doing anything until New Year’s Day.

We moved ALL of the explosion news links onto one page to make the sidebar better. So now all of our items are here. It has a button link on the sidebar. The explosion tie-in is that we are worried there is a giant amount of methane underground that is related to some far flung explosions. That may be wrong but we keep the info in case.

We had an interesting query from John about helicorders – “It seems they changed the scale on the helicorders from 500 to 2000 microvolts. Why did they do that? The amplitude is now 4 times smaller on the recorder when measuring the same magnitude.”

On the helicorders with new locations topic we have this response from U of Memphis –

“We have a set of default configurations we use for all new stations.  Some stations are noisy and others are quiet, so we make adjustments to make it easier to identify events in the plots.  I did this for LA10 just before Christmas.  It has one sensor at the surface, which is rather noisy, and one in a borehole that’s very quiet.  So I reduced the amplitude on the surface channels and increased it on the borehole ones.  We don’t usually change it after the initial adjustment. “

The Quake Watch website adds further info

“Basically what they are saying is that they are getting too much ‘noise’ from the installations close to the seismographs and so they are changing the sensitivity so that the signal does not get swamped by the ‘cultural noise’. This has little effect – in fact none really – on the seismic signals as the ones they are interested in are < 10Hz normally which will still be apparent when the data is filtered.

2000 mV IS quite high. Some of the Yellowstone seismos are run at 1600 mV and they are around the highest. Many of the CERI seismos run at ~200 mV.

The borehole one will show more small motion as that is the one they have ‘turned up’ (made more sensitive). The surface one will show less detail, which was what I had noticed.”

On comments we are booting off-topic ‘Batman’ theory comments. We have room here for almost all ideas (except Maya doom times et al) so our readers can freely express themselves. Many newspapers etc. kick out comments about the sinkhole so we do try to let all ideas in. Batman idea people can go to Prison Planet or any number of blogs to put up exchanges. Sorcha Faal is very odious and his hoax-followers can get their news elsewhere.


Some New Sinkhole Retrospective Vids




Tatoo is worried about the Super Bowl

It is coming soon to New Orleans



No News ≠ Good News at the Sinkhole

Through this holiday there has been just about NO news from any source about the sinkhole.

That doesn’t mean there’s no news.

There was an unwitnessed barf incident that Texas Brine has backtracked on naming the time it happened at several times.

There’s been almost no monitoring at the sinkhole during the holiday “break” even though the situation remains unstable.

So far, although in the right, the DNR/Conservation Dept. hasn’t collected the last 2 huge fines levied against Texas Brine.

So far, although in the right, the DNR/Conservation Dept. hasn’t gotten Texas Brine to comply with all of the directives thrown at them. The biggest one being controlling the oil spill at the sinkhole with booms or barriers and whatnot.

So far, although in the right, the DNR/Conservation Dept. hasn’t ordered ALL (out-of-compliance) parties to get on with the mandatory DAILY status reports about their operations in Assumption Parish. They are weeks late and don’t seem to get the idea of ‘updates’.

There has been no follow up by DNR/Conservation Dept. to locate the radioactive wastes stored helter-skelter around Assumption Parish. They have done NO fact-checking of known-liars-oil-companies  or radiation monitoring of probable rad waste sites in Assumption Parish.

Texas Brine issued an update with even more things they cannot control but state even that in a rosy ‘everything’s fine’ way. Then the newer one comes out and saying they are not doing some home assessment (probably for gas monitoring, not for buy out estimating) for a few days.

Highway 70 is greatly compromised by Lake FUBAR and local news media haven’t even gone there to report on it.

National news media busy reporting on Canadians buying each other coffee and Tom Cruise’s publicist staged a water throwing stunt. They cannot possibly cover the multiple meltdowns in Japan threatening the planet or the Louisiana sinkhole that threatens a continent.

Other than THAT . . . everything’s fine at Bayou Corne.

Happy New Year, news media.

In Case You Need to Leave on Short Notice

This is good the keep in mind even if you don’t live near a giant sinkhole eating away at butane cavern –

From The Watchers –

Preparedness is a state of mind – Be the Hero, not the Victim

[snip] . . .  For a week before Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast, residents were warned of the impending disaster. Many areas were told to evacuate. Others were told to stock up for several days without power, food and water. I’m sure that many residents weathered the storm and it’s aftermath with dignity, taking their families’ survival into their own hands, heeding the warnings and preparing themselves. They are the unsung heroes in the story – how many reports did we see on the news of the people who did NOT have to stand in line for an MRE and a bottle of water? How many reports did we see of people who quietly used alternative heat and remained safely in their homes?”