This is a bigger mess than ever . . . no accurate information on the size of the busted cavern. . .





 As most know, I normally do not concern myself with anything other than the larger picture. As a researcher, it is far more likely that I tie together what others do not and in ways that seem a little extreme…that is, until proven correct. “Always let Occam’s Razor be your guide”, was one of the first lessons I ever learned…after “Always eat your vegetables, whether you like it or not!”

But sometimes, you come across something so reprehensible that you must bring yourself down to earth and just report the little things, and allow the chips to fall where they may. Such is my task at this time.

Regarding the Louisiana Sinkhole in Bayou Corne, Assumption Parish, La., there has come to my attention a most corrupt and sickening amount of data that leads me to an inevitable conclusion.

The Louisiana Department of…

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  1. ”In early September 2010, defendant began reworking the cavern well, milling a section of salt higher than the existing cavern roof, at 3,400 feet deep, to see if the upper strata could be mined. This area extends for about 100 feet through the well casing above the cavern roof.”
    ”On January 21, 2011, Mark J. Cartwright, President of Texas Brine Co. Saltville informed the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR), via letter, about a failed integrity test of the cavern and suspicion that the cavern may have breached the Napoleonville Dome’s outer wall. These problems with the cavern led to the cavern being plugged in June 2011. The area milled in September 2010 may be the source of the salt dome breach.
    ”LDNR records show that Defendant had been examining the cavern’s wall at least since June 2010.”

    That seems better than the first two paragraphs you put up, fcf. Get my meaning? I sent this to ENEnews as well, but you hours before. You are the main source for info on the “sinkhole”. I normally write on larger national matters. You are focused, while I am all over the place, but focus on each issue.

    I admire your dedication to Bayou Corne.

    • I have info on the law firm doing the suit …. I will ask if they have update/ press release onm the case. I’ll let you know if I hear back.
      These cases take time to get to court, over a year is not unusual. The earlier article was when they announced they were suing… nothing since news-wise

  2. In reference to the statement, “As stated, the document does not say 20 ft. of NORM, but 20 to the Third Power, which is 8,000 ft. of NORM contaminated material.”

    I’d like to point out what I believe to be a misunderstanding on the part of the author. The third power is not attached to the number 20, but rather to the unit of measure known as feet. The Office of conservation document shown actually reads 20 cubic feet, which is a measure of “volume”. In this reference the feet (a linear measurement) are multiplied to the third power (cubed) so that the unit of measure is cubic feet.
    Volume (cuft) = Length in linear ft x Width in linear ft x Depth in linear ft.
    So *if* TB had a pile 5ft long by 2ft wide and 2ft deep, then the volume would equal 20cuft. (5ft x 2ft x 2ft = 20cuft)
    There are 27 cuft in a cubic yard of material, so 20 cuft is just under 1 cuyd of material.

    Now, I’m not saying that TB reported the volume with 100% accuracy, only TB knows for sure what it put down the hole, but what is acknowledged in this letter remains consistent with statements regarding this particular volume of material.

    • yes.
      And TB minimizes the threat by saying ‘oh it’s all mixed with mud blah, blah ..’ they don’t take their crime seriously.
      Probably never called out on if before.

      Now S hit the fan and they are shown up for how they conduct business. Same with Louisiana and USA and EPA etc etc ….

    • I did some extra research, sir and you are correct. I have altered the article to reflect the changes. I am not ashamed to admit an error…I leave that to DNR and Texas Brine. In the same document, it states that Texas Brine also owns three salt caverns in the Chacahoula salt dome, and were given permission to put TENORM back into those caverns as well.

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