Google is hiding this blog

All of the sudden when searching around on YouTube on the topic of “Louisiana Sinkhole” – normally a good source for hidden news – the sidebar is filled with off-topic videos and lots of pornographic videos. This suggests (strongly) tampering by the  NSA-affiliated Google owners to keep many worthy videos and blog posts unseen.

Coincidentally the views here have dropped over 50% on the heels of the big new whack delivered to Japan’s busted nuke complex at Fukushima.

It is true that counts can up or down on the whim of viewers . . .  but . . .  this is an explosive week in sinkhole news. Readers comment they have trouble finding ANY news about the sinkhole. We don’t buy the ‘drop off’ in interest.

Be aware there may be more out there than what shows up on web searches or news searches!



21 thoughts on “Google is hiding this blog

    • yeah, I know about the seismic activity there all the time. Volumes on it on the parent blog, FC. Plus great links for the hard to find radiation figures.

  1. Well you can’t block me when I personally have you as my second favorite “favorites” site. Enenews is my homepage you all are #2. Keep it real and keep it up thanks! 🙂

  2. Man, you got it!! Exactly my thoughts in the “Spam Attacks….” article reply.

    Keith C. Mandeville on November 3, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    Nothing to see here, move along! The powers that be(TPTB) don’t want flyingcuttlefish to broadcast this important information to the broad public. I live in Vermont and people up here have no idea about this huge problem with the sinkhole when confronted. No news in main stream media(MSM) either. It looks like hurricane Sandy for the people in New York & New Jersey is turning into a situation similar to hurricane Katrina for the Louisiana citizens. Flyingcuttlefish, don’t let the attacks on your website stop you from getting the word out. An informed public is a strong public.

    This is the full article, with replies, if you want to refresh your memories

    • honest to g0d! What if there was a hole in Boulder Dam??? Would they pretend it isn’t happening??

      oooo — the end of this long radio show I just posted is SCARY! It says hydro sulfide is a mega-leak that is going on a much bigger scale and it is causing the explosions . . . and predicts people will begin to die in their homes from it! VERY SCARY and it sounds true!
      A big geo-event going on and they don’t know what to do and are hiding the info. Has to do with methane too.

  3. Sorry, Perhaps I’m just a “sheeple”, but that conclusion seems a bit extreme. Google, which is often annoying, has done yet another change to its search algorithm, and it’s messing people up. You can search on that topic to see if it’s true or not. You can read about how those algorithms have changed over the years, and how their configuration effects what you see if you are interested. You don’t have to read in depth to get an idea that search returns have not been “pure” for a long time. So in that way, there is a “Big Brother” element to Google etc. And they get really bitchy about copyright. But censorship of this type? Why? Why let al the other millions of wild theorists and extreme government-hating, Jesus-coming, Obama-is-a-scary-negro-socialist, world-ending Youtubers rant on and yet censor you? btw Look at this webmaster forum thread below, lots of people have been experiencing changes to their traffic etc.
    Unless that’s all a fake, lol

    • just a dramatic change in readership in the last 12 hours here according to stats.
      Scroogle had a bunch on Google’s fooling around but that may be defunct now.
      However …. it could be because of tech issues with internet in general like large web problems that have flared up.
      It might be unrelated to content.

  4. I have noticed that in the last six months, Google has scrubbed a lot of content. Old articles and information I used to rely on is gone. Even my own, is now missing. That’s just a fact, jack! LOL

  5. With the help of the Way Back Machine
    I had a old web link that did not work anymore with the help of the Way Back Machine I was able to download a lot of it.
    A lot of the old link took a long time to open up but they did.
    In 2003 my old company crossed into Iraq.
    There Missions
    Task Force Wadi
    Movement to Objective Rams
    UAV Airstrip Construction
    C-130 Airfield Expansion
    Movement North of Karbala and ASR Kara Upgrade
    Operations In and Around LSA Dogwood
    Objective Grady Airfield Clearance
    They were back over there in January 2005 – January 2006 Mosul, Iraq

    • This would probably be a better comment for the Flying Cuttlefish blog. Lots like that on the ‘spooks’ page there by Trowbridge H. Ford… including geo-tectonic weapons.

  6. Hi, I have a web page with about 793 followers and growing that allows people to report instances of censorship that takes place on Search engines such as Google.

    You might wish to go to my page and report this experience.

    Thank you.

    • Looks great! The Google slump on this blog has ended so whatever they were doing seems to have passed. It was really dramatic back when I posted about it.

      WordPress keeps this blog delisted when it has high traffic. They put up blogs about leaves or something. Never any contemporary issue or news…

      I will send it to your blog. Have to be user name FC2012 there since ‘FC’ is taken.

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