New Sinkhole Photos

Freedomrox sent this photo

Louisiana DNR photo

Also this one – (and he may have found them from ENE-News reader IBUILTTHIS)

Louisiana DNR Photo


Some more photos from DNR here.

The Parish blog photos have a few new ones posted.

Look at the ‘driveway’ (ramp into the sinkhole for equipment)! –


From Dec. 11 photo from the parish Flickr site.


14 thoughts on “New Sinkhole Photos

  1. Inspection Reports Photos
    Department of Natural Resources State of Louisiana

    Asteroid: 2012 DA14 Date 15 (UT) Miss Distance: 0.09 LD Size: 57 m
    Notes: LD means “Lunar Distance.” 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.
    Solar wind flowing from the indicated coronal hole should reach Earth on Dec. 16-17. Credit: SDO/AIA.

    When well the suns Magnetic north pole become the Magnetic south pole (Magnetic Reversals) well it be this year or next year.
    The Sun’s Eleven Year Magnetic Reversal (Solar Maximum)

  2. looks like that worker fellow is applying a chemical dispursant to eradicate unwanted hydrocarbons.
    I hope he doesnt smoke cigarettes with all that methane burbling under that slick. You can tell that he doesnt want to be there, the powers that be have made that place a wasteland.
    Maybe folks down ther might build an ICBM and then launch it – just see if the government and the newsfolks are paying attention .
    sinkholes-fukashima – crazy noises in the night- (yes’ ive listened to some intense bizzare noises in the sky one night 2 weeks ago.) I’m thinking we’re all shifting into the twilight zone with all this insanity. Where are all the tree-hugging radicals? (no offense intended)- protesting hippys draw news coverage, The environmentalist activists must think their job is “mission accomplished” now that our garbage trucks say “lean n green” and are running on ethanol corn fuel. How many of you who see that guy workin’ that “lake” don’t know it was all trees 6 months ago?
    Maybe all the activist types moved to colorado for the legal dope. A P A T H Y.

    if nibiru shows up- i’ll bet the headlines will be on lindsey lohans next lawbreaking frolics – and fashion report.
    Yes, it must be nationwide ignorant apathy thats got us to where we are today.. SLEEP AND BE HAPPY…
    no news is good news – with none of those pesky accountability questions needing to be answered.
    My personal disaster readyness kit is gonna be upgraded with a bottle of 86 proof. I M convinced, if louisana blows-the new madrid is gonna slip and …..

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