Sunday News

The ExaminerEntire salt dome collapse under La. sinkhole possible

Fears mount this weekend about not just one cavern, but the entire Napoleonville Salt Dome collapsing, with explosive gas still in some of the over 50 caverns inside, as a Louisiana State University geologist explained the worst-case Friday in Baton Rouge, followed by testy state and company statements and an oil and gas insider interviewed by the Examiner on this catastrophe-in-the-making.

Saying that this Louisiana-declared state of emergency is about a “sinkhole” and not “salt dome collapse” emergency is part of the cover up, according to Examiner’s source on this event, required to remain anonymous. . . .


The AdvocateSinkhole prompts study for possible alternative road

And the Parish blog says Texas Brine has placed amber strobe lights around the sinkhole to ward off water fowl as ordered by Wildlife & Fisheries. – what??? huh?? waterfowl?? Does anyone see ANY wildlife in the videos at the sinkhole? Maybe the waterfowl should come to the sinkhole from Baton Rouge since the air is so much better . . . .

Dec. 14 – Bayou Corne Sinkhole ignored by media while residents suffer

. . . .  scroll down to sub-headline “Inept Government or Cover-up?


MORE here later . . .

13 thoughts on “Sunday News

  1. It’s about time someone started telling the truth a little. I am regretting my graphic, as I knew it was very simplistic, but meeting with a retired geologist in my area to talk more about this. His first thoughts are that the aquifer is actually being gravity fed thru the rock collapse on the west side and entering the salt dome at various points, with thousands of smal pools of brined water causing the enormous strain on the salt layers, forcing the gases and oil to the top by compression. Even worse, he thinks it is more like a spider’s web, which explains the tremors.
    Know more tomorrow.

  2. Just thinking
    What is the Fluid Mechanics of Salt Domes and cutting off the supply of salt flowing into the dome from the bottom ?
    Salt when it is put under immense pressure by overlying rocks, this salt, which is less dense than the rocks surrounding it, will begin to flow upward ?
    Under great pressure, salt can flow up and out of the salt dome
    Salt at the depth of storage is plastic, therefore can flow “Just how deep is that”

    Click to access Benefield-DesignConsiderationsforNGStorageCavernsRev0.pdf

  3. around 6-7000 ft. If there is a collapse, then although it is catastrophic to the humans above, would actually seal in all the gases in all the caverns, and these companies would be out million of dollars. Yes, if collapsed, salt would come out in geysers for miles around. The whole area could subside by as much as 300 ft.

    • According to the reports, the stinkhole situation could prove far worse than anything experienced by Lot’s lot.

  4. If Hwy70 does go down, here’s a suggestion for a replacement, it should be easy to put in place, it’ll work well in swampy conditions as it’ll float, and could even be placed at the site of the Hw70 collapse ( as long as they’re careful ) – A PONTOON BRIDGE, the military use them all the time. And using it would mean that they wouldn’t have to rush putting in a new road, as it would use the surviving parts of the current Hw70.

    • I am putting you good bridge info into the post about Highway 70.
      I know state officials monitor this site so I hope they see it. They may need it!

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