Sinkhole / Love Canal Connection – By Freedomrox




In the early morning hours of August 3, 2012, and after months of continuous tremors, and ‘bubbling sites’ of ‘swamp gas’, a portion of earth subsided and created what many locals just call, “The Stinkhole” in Bayou Corne, Louisiana operated by Texas Brine, LLC, and leased by and for the usage of the Occidental Chemical Corporation, dubbed in official records as Oxy Geismar #3 brine well.

For months on end residents complained of earthquakes and methane seeps in the swamps, and were told neither existed by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, and USGS.  Stubborn residents insisted differently, which spurred an investigation of the ‘bubble sites’ by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Environmental Quality, as well as Dr. Stephen Horton of Memphis State University to investigate and confirm resident’s suspicions of earthquakes.

This is by far, not the first incident in this area…

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28 thoughts on “Sinkhole / Love Canal Connection – By Freedomrox

  1. I am sharing this far and wide. More people understand and know about love canal. I’m so glad this was put together. Thank you. The

    Please read I lived in NY through love canal. I watched out unfold. The bayou corne area is just another love canal but nobody is fighting for this place. Community is teaching them how to stand up for themselves. Media is covering it up. They need all our help. They won’t survive this and its spreading every day.

  2. I say some of this chemical went in to the Love Canal.
    There was four ways to separate U235 from U238 in WW-2.
    I have not look into S-50 or K-27 for now.
    Yes there was accidents in making this and the Navy had accidents as well before K-25 was build.
    “Before bomb fell, two Americans paid ultimate price” Philadelphia Navy Yard Explosion.

    In WW-2.
    General Groves informed Mr. Keller that the contract was for $75 million.
    Chrysler Corporation was the company to solve the situation, that was signature and seal, as far as K. T. Keller was concerned.
    Fluoride It is highly toxic. There were some big accidents resulting in releases that culminated in the first law suits against the government. One killed the peach production in New Jersey and induced sickness.)
    (Kellogg was later changed to Kellex Corporation, then absorbed into the huge Brown-Root Construction Company, which was bought out by Haliburton.)

    In Oak Ridge TN the building of K-25 (K-25 diffusing plant).
    Chrysler worked closely with Union Carbide Corporation, which operated the K-25 diffusing plant. Designed by the W.M. Kellogg Construction Company.
    Chrysler Corporation helps to build the atomic bomb (A-bomb)
    The S-50 liquid thermal diffusion plant, using convection to separate the isotopes in thousands of tall columns, was built next to the K-25 power plant, which provided the necessary steam. Much less efficient than K-25, the S-50 plant was torn down after the war.

    K-27 building, a sister facility to the K-25 uranium-enrichment plant

    I got more on this.

  3. I had a friend on my fb respond to this article. He is reporting this to the OCA he said. I think associating this problem with something people my age know well is a fantastic idea as it was the first help response I got. I’m hoping something good comes from ask my begging and shari. ng

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