LEAN Has Posted NEW Sinkhole PHOTOS

Bayou Corne Sinkhole Monitoring Flight

oil slicks in the Bayou . . . photo set here.

trees sagging …

ENE News noticed the oil sheen  is 1/2 mile away from the sinkhole.


Assumption Parish has Video & Photos


and in the NEW PHOTOS posted . . . check how far back you see oily water . . .


From this picture.

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Videos from last night’s resident briefing, as well as a video from today’s flyover have been posted at:


Aerial photographs have also been added at:


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Louisiana Sink Hole .. Why The Cover-Up? ..

Video & article.

Pump water into oil wells, causing fracturing along a fault line… ADD IN a massive explosion at the base of a seismically prone area..
Induce a large earthquake, sink a river valley … and have it all attributed to ‘natural causes’.


LINK – http://youtu.be/vXZuumxrhHs

Thanks to Walter Coin for this – 😉

Thursday News

Helicorders (seismic activity) are just plain scary. And it can’t all be blamed on Alaska quake. LA10 < It is wild looking because of work at the site shaking everything, says Freedomrox.

We’ll put up meeting video as soon as we get it.

1.7 quake  Ridgely, Tennessee  |   MAP

Oil & Gas Company Reports

Texas Brine has a report that isn’t 10 days old. From Jan. 26. Other reports dated the same –

Water Sample Results

We also found not too ancient results from contractors Shaw is using. Here are some –

We are SURE, since last night’s meeting was science oriented these results (known all this time to DNR and DHH) were discussed with residents.

Seismic Monitors going off. Tremors in the cavern unless they are doing thumper truck before 6 a.m. CST.

LA03, LA06 and others turned off . . . LA03 went offline in the afternoon Jan. 28th . . .  What’s up with the LIVE MONITORING Texas Brine is mandated to provide?


Dec. 2, 2012 article –
Monster Sinkholes An Indication That Major Earth Changes Are Coming Along The New Madrid Fault?


MORE here later . . .

short link to this page – http://wp.me/p2GNDM-1I1

Big Sinkhole in Alabama

100 feet deep!

Massive Sinkhole at Birmingham Baseball Stadium Site, Alabama

One of the most important US sport is baseball. Well, construction at Birmingham’s $64 million baseball stadium is slowed down by the recent discovery of an at least 100-feet deep sinkhole at the entrance to the sports facility. . . .



The Advocate Reports on The Meeting Last Night . . . updated

David J. Mitchell reports on the community confronting Texas Brine.

“Confronting the consultants were not only people worrying about what the seismic waves might do to their properties but also some audience members’ expressions of continuing frustration and skepticism stemming from the nearly six-month evacuation ordered just after the sinkhole erupted Aug. 3 in northern Assumption Parish swampland near Bayou Corne.”

WGMB – Unanswered questions, frustrations remain after Bayou Corne community meeting < with Video

“We’ve been out of our homes for six months now. We are looking for some realistic answers. We are getting tired of hearing all the technical jargon,” Kenny Simoneaux, Bayou Corne resident, shouted.

This report answers a the question ‘how do they do seismic monitoring over the water?’.

“Bayou Corne residents can expect to see vibrator trucks and air guns (equipment attached to flat bottom boats) in the area. Workers will use them to send vibrations in to the ground that will be picked up on measuring equipment around the area.”

REMINDER:  “A second meeting is scheduled for February 6 at 6:00 pm at the Assumption Community Center. The meeting will only be state and local officials answering questions.”

WAFB also reports on it.

MORE on the meeting when it appears . . .