Tennessee Experienced Sulphur Smells, Now Mass Bird Die Off

Correction: This sulfur smell story is old but the bird die off is new –

Freedomrox reports this startling story –

Middle East Tennessee residents reporting strong sulphur smell (many communities). Here is one report.

and, in the countryside in Seveir County, Tennessee near Boyd Creek Highway (map below) –

Birds fall from sky in Seymour

Dozens of starlings litter roadway and fields


Earlier (Sept.) there was a strange smell in California

Rotten Egg Smell/Sulfur around many towns of California – Massive Fish Die off Salton Sea with Egg smell – All About Hydrogen Sulfide


37 thoughts on “Tennessee Experienced Sulphur Smells, Now Mass Bird Die Off

  1. This year i have been seeing a lot more Buzzard migrate south this winter (Turkey Vultures)
    Those starlings I have not seen too many of them this year going south they must be sick.

    • I hear from KC, MO that some birds didn’t go south due to very WARM winter. Many 50 and 60 degree days well into Dec.
      So that may be it.

    • All I can say is that everytime we get such a horrible sulphur smell all the way over her in West Tennessee, something bad happens in Middle or East Tenn. It could be a precursor to EQ, or it could be anything. Don’t know.

  2. Bird Flu I hope not.
    Grisly mystery after scores of starlings fall out of the sky and lie dying… in a SINGLE front garden
    UPDATED: 03:12 EST, 11 March 2010
    Detection of influenza viral gene in European starlings and experimental infection.
    Birds And Their Droppings Can Carry Over 60 Diseases
    An outbreak in Australia established that starlings and sparrows are also potential spreaders of bird flu viruses

  3. The Tennessee bird die off was for September 2011. Although, one commenter stated that she always smelled a terrible smell, probably sulfur, all of the time and in the same area.

    One commenter states the birds were poisoned. If they were poisoned, they would not all die at the same location. Additionally, all of the birds in flight did not die, as one commenter states. That’s the same false reason given for the Bebe, Arkansas and other bird die offs in that area. I don’t think someone could poison all the fish in the fish die off down there either.

    The haarpstatus.com map should be reviewed for the day September 2011 that the bird die off occurred. If the haarpstatus.com map signals are high that same day over Tennessee, then HAARP could be the culprit.

    Check the haarpstatus.com map the next time you folks hear of a bird die off around the New Madrid fault zone.

    • Thanks!! I corrected the story but left the link in. In case someone is tracking all these crazy unexplained animal/fish/bird die offs.

      • I’ve done the same thing with dates before. I am reading a story at the present date, and I jump on a link to another date not realizing the date has changed.

        People need to stay aware of the die offs because there is a reason these events are happening with such frequency. Sort of like a Canary in the coal mine scenario. People can also learn more about haarpstatus.com

      • Dutchsinse’s HAARP Rings Debunked again
        HAARP status is a joke as well. Don’t get taken in by this psuedo science bullcrap.
        HAARP is able to affect very large storm systems, and mostly displaces the jetstream which is a horrible uplift of the ionosphere whereby the lower atmosphere rushes in to fill the void.
        There are no ground based HAARP detectors either, nor any energy outputs. The only way for HAARP to be proven that it is in operation is when you check the status of the Ionosphere by going to the HAARP magnetometer and looking at the present state, and compare that with the proton bambardment from the solar wind, as well as the current state of any CME’s, etc. It is a highly mathematical formula, but achievable, yet not conclusive proof. HAARP Status is a fraud, for unless this person controls all the Gwen Towers, then the HF radio waves are literally undetectable.

      • No offense to in the least Keith. So many get taken in by these con men, who are part of the Disinfo Psy Ops pervading our whole society these days. No shame in it. We all learn the hard way.

    • Opinion: A DOE Watch Exclusive Report
      The Science of Air Pharmacology or Chemtrails The Science of “Air Pharmacology” or “Chemtrails”
      By: Jim Phelps Copyright 2005, 2010
      I have talk with Jim Phelps many time over the years I think his father work at K-25 in Oak Ridge TN.
      I remember the fluorine studies back in the 60’s he was trying to find all he could about them.
      And Nuclear weapons testing they were doing in space and Earth’s magnetic field.
      Starfish Prime caused an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which was far larger than expected, so much larger that it drove much of the instrumentation off scale, causing great difficulty in getting accurate measurements. The Starfish Prime electromagnetic pulse also made those effects known to the public by causing electrical damage in Hawaii, about 1,445 kilometres (898 mi) away from the detonation point, knocking out about 300 streetlights, setting off numerous burglar alarms and damaging a telephone company microwave link. The EMP damage to the microwave link shut down telephone calls from Kauai to the other Hawaiian islands.
      These man-made radiation belts eventually crippled one-third of all satellites in low earth orbit.
      Operation Fishbowl

  4. Bird have harder time flying when there a low weather front in area. (low pressure)
    A downdraft can send a bird to the ground or a plane.
    What is the difference between an updraft and a downdraft ?

    European Starlings, do exhibit both types of intermittent flight, with flap-gliding being used at lower speeds, and flap-bounding at higher speeds. This suggests that some small birds are capable of optimizing their flight styles despite the theoretical constraints of their muscle composition.
    I don’t want to give anyone any ides but there is fish-poison trees.
    Fishing with Poisons
    I think the paw paw Leaves used to “stun fish” in a confined area
    The Indians used to grind up buckeye seeds and dump them into small fishing ponds.
    The chemical properties of the buckeye would stun the fish causing them to rise to the surface where they were quickly retrieved.

  5. This goes to Dec. 31, 2012 on those dead birds and comments.
    After a lengthy study and a lot of money by top ranking scientists and laboratories, they have determined what caused them to fall out of the sky is………gravity.

    Mass Bird Deaths May Not Be Such A Mystery
    Posted: Jan 05, 2011 11:38 PM EST CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.
    Wildlife officers said these mass bird deaths are actually quite common with red-winged blackbirds, because they fly so close together.
    After several weeks of tests and studies, he determined heavy fog and power lines are what caused the birds’ death. He’s fairly certain testing in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky will eventually reach a similar conclusion, especially since those cases also involve red-winged blackbirds and starlings.
    MASS BIRD DEATHS LOUISIANA !!! – Not Isolated to Arkansas!
    Uploaded on Jan 4, 2011

    Dead birds found on Sevier County highway
    Posted: Dec 31, 2012 10:43 AM EST
    Read the Comments there 31 of them.
    some towns in Middle TN that the fire department sprays them there birds after dark with soapy water. If its cold then them birds die overnite. If its not that cold then them birds die cause the soapy water takes the oil off them birds. Estill Srpings TN does this ever year cause millions of starlings go through that there town.

  6. No offense taken Freedomrox. I am not totally sold yet–boarderline. Birds and other animals are more sensitive than humans to frequency. Big storms appear to somewhat follow a path towards the higher readings on the haarpstatus.com map. I’ve read those sensor locations measure the amount of ions in the atmosphere. As you said the Ionosphere is raised from heating by HAARP’s waves. There’s much more about HAARP as you know, but it’s off topic.

    • Martin is a self taught meteorologist… where and what kind of sensors are used, and locations?
      You are correct, birds are very sensitive to magnetic frequencies, and have been none to fly way off course due to the very low state of our magnetosphere. Earth is in a very precarious position at this moment in history. The Sun is literally at it’s highest ouput, and earth’s defense at it’s lowest.

      • I don’t know if sun is totally maxed out or just doing extra big stuff on this (11 year) cycle. They have only had super-great tools to look at the sun in recent decades so there’s not a lot to compare it to. My opinion.
        Lots of solar stuff on The Watchers (bottom of the sidebar) . . .

      • I know that one. And huge one in ancient times over Eurasia seared the earth (maybe it was a meteor) and created super fires. I forget what century B.C.

      • I automatically fixed “none” to “known” while reading without noticing the error until you pointed it out.

        I don’t know what these sensors look like, how big they are, or why the FAA allows them to operate. If they are proud of their work, then why doesn’t the sites owner have a photograph?

        I’ve read about Martin on a “debunk” site. He could just be a good, longterm meteorologist wannabe. Could be a Government disinfo. agent.


        I’ve seen part of HAARP Alaska protruding from the blur on google.earth. Go to Gakona Alaska on google.earth. Follow Highway 1 east to HAARP Access Road north. You’ll see two buildings like you saw on Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura’s HAARP episode. The HAARP antenna array is north of the buildings.

      • Oh I have seen HAARP and all the other arrays, Phillipines, Hawaii, Russia, so many of them to count…but, none of these are specific yet. It is possible to gather all of these arrays as transmitters for one area and create an EQ or volcanic eruption.
        As for Martin, just look at the video above and listen to his own words. That’s enough for me. Dutch on the other hand is just making it up as he goes along without any benefit of any scientific knowledge.

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