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The AdvocateGas trapped near sinkhole

By David J. Mitchell

An as-yet undetermined amount of natural gas is trapped in the aquifer underneath the Bayou Corne community, state and parish officials have said.

The area has been rattled by earth tremors, has waterways with gas bubbling to the surface, and is in the vicinity of a 4-acre sinkhole south of La. 70 that has grown larger since its emergence Aug. 3. Bayou Corne’s 150 households have been evacuated since the sinkhole appeared just off the edge of the Napoleonville Dome, a 1-mile-by-3-mile underground salt deposit. . . .

. . .  The aquifer under Assumption Parish is not used as its major water source — Bayou Lafourche is — but some parish officials say they are concerned the odorless, colorless gas underground could accumulate unseen to explosive concentrations if left unchecked. . . .

Look at that! The sinkhole sharnk down to just 8 acres in size! 30-50% shrinkage! A miracle! Earth-to-Texas Brine, come in. Buy the home-owners out NOW! Over.

Crosstex has a newish update on the butane cavern (from Dec. 21st)





Texas Brine has a new update . . . and . . . Texas Brine says in this  Injunctive Relief Filing they are working like crazy to assess the situation so they can get the best solution worked out. And they stress they are primarily concerned with public safety. . .  and. . .

The DNR – Texas Brine Feud continues:

The Advocate – Texas Brine balks at order

By David J. Mitchell

Texas Brine Co. LLC has asked state District Court in Baton Rouge to permanently block the Louisiana Office of Conservation’s latest directives compelling new investigations into the underground effects of an evolving, 8.5-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish.

The Houston company challenged in court the underlying emergency and factual basis for the Dec. 7 directives and alleged an administrative hearing should have first been held by Louisiana Conservation Commissioner James Welsh.

Filed Dec. 28 in 19th Judicial District Court in East Baton Rouge Parish, the six-page suit asserts the state’s move ignores “more reasonable, scientifically sound and safer methods for accomplishing the goals” identified in Welsh’s order.

The suit disputes the need for the order’s various directives, including the drilling of two 6,000-foot-deep seismic exploratory wells near the sinkhole, which Texas Brine argues could increase the risk of danger to the public and environment. . . .

Stuart Smith Blog:  That takes nerve! Texas Brine challenges La’s tepid sinkhole response

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Special Note: Thanks to all our readers who send in news tips and info! Great job by all, especially this week when news releases were almost nil!

MORE here later . . . .

26 thoughts on “Friday News

  1. Check the heilcorders, LA10 is very active. I guess they need to reset the scale make it look less? However, that only works for a short time. The sinkhole is rockin and rollin today..

    • The first Advocate article is an old one. I take it you are highlighting the probable migration of methane from the MRAA to the LeFourche Aquifer, which is very possible.
      The underground heli’s tell the story, as they are working today. At around 4 am. it was showing real spike in activity, but the rest of this seems to be man made starting around seven am.
      I know you will throw stones at me Jo Celle, but Texas Brine has a point. I have not been comfortable at all with 6000 ft. wells, considering that is where the oil pay is located. Those two could actually cause the whole area to subside all at once and fill it completely with oil and gas.
      Golden Gate has all the tools needed to find out what is going on down there, but no one is asking them, and they don’t want involved since they are still drilling over at Hensarling. By Sept. at the latest we should have had imaging from below…
      It’s a Soap Opera.

      • craig mcknight posts earlier gave a good description of that oil blob they put on top of the dome (I guess like paraffin on a jelly jar) and how it can migrate.

    • Actually Freedom, I also wondered if TB is right.I have questioned publicly whether Welsh is pushing TB too hard, and/or giving them enough time to get all the nmandated things done. I am basically scoffed at. And I JUST posted that I wonder what other things TB is referring to when they say there are other, safer things that could be done first.

    • out all day … fixing this well head mistake …. Keith sent it in and it made sense … undoing now.
      I have big problem and cannot be online today ….

      • Oh noooo….I am a big animal lover. Messagemeor email if you need any help or adviceor just to talk!

      • =whew= vet had him all day. he had a litle ‘bump’ they took out. I was scared to death it was dog-cancer but just picked him up and vet said it was nothing to worry about.
        He’s sleeping. . .
        drove me nuts all day. . . my best friend.

      • Awww,I’m gladit wasokay. No….I lost my Lacey to Lymphoma.She was 12, and absolutely fine. She kind of seemed to choke one day while eating, and feeling around on her neck, she had a bump. Took her to the vet and the BX came back positive. We were told she had 6 weeks to live. We couldn’t comprehend that seeing how nothing looked wrong with her, and sure wasn’t ready to accept that. So we gave her chemotherapy,and she lasted 7 more months. Good months, but when it came back, it came back with a vengeance, and there was no question the second time. It was literally a matter of hours. I would do it again in a nansecond!

      • = wahhhh =

        I was worried all day of something like that!
        So glad is was a nothing they took out!

        My dog is only 5 or 6 and should have many years of fun left.

  2. Look at that! The sinkhole sharnk down to just 8 acres in size! 30-50% shrinkage! <——-Correction: 4 acres

    • Flyingcuttlefish, The article in purple highlight states the sinkhole is only 4-acres. That’s where I got my information. Last I heard the sinkhole was 8-acres plus the new years slough-in puts the sinkhole at between 8.5 & 9-acres. You are privy to more information than me so things could be different.

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