Texas Brine Disobeys State Declaration – Stops Updates

In a haughty announcement Texas Brine states they will only do updates when they think they should –

“Effective today and going forward, we will only issue updates on those days when there are activities that would be deemed reportable or of possible interest for follow-up.”


But it is OUT OF COMPLIANCE with the (1st Amendment to) the Emergency Declaration:


While the media may not be included in the declaration orders the Conservation Dept. is.

[Commentary:] If Texas Brine misses a single day DNR needs to raise the roof about it. Let’s watch if they take a do-nothing attitude about this issue. What they do now will weigh heavily in court later should the cavern completely fail and cause havoc.

All of the declarations

16 thoughts on “Texas Brine Disobeys State Declaration – Stops Updates

  1. Ummm, that’s only to the Office, FCF. They will still have to report to DNR, and sometimes we get DNR daily updates. This was for the Press only. Sorry, but I thought you understood that. Didn’t mean for this to happen.

    • I know that … and it may not be put out to public … but still they have to do daily updates for the parish.
      I want the parish officials to see it …. maybe they’ll respond.

      • That clearly addresses the press only, meaning they won’t just get on the phone with them each and every time they call for an update. In no way are they saying what your headline says. Come on….”NOTE TO THE MEDIA.”

      • I’ll amend it

        … but so far when updates go days missing when they are specified as being daily no one seems to light a fire under Tex. B.

        I want parish officials to pull their pants up and insist on the latest information. They are too nice to Tex B. (my opinion)

      • I hear ya, FCF but if you think about it,that’s usually DNR that does that,and not TB. Actually, TB is more compliant with updates than anyone. Sure, they have skipped a day or two here and there, but as you posted earlier, some of thr agencies stopped posting stuff altogether, or go weeks, including DNR.

        I keep telling you…..everyones hateon for Texas Brine is clouding everything else.

      • DNR needs the get a whistle and blow it on everybody who hasn’t done updates. (everybody)

        Head guy at health dept. is computer tech expert … what’s his excuse??

      • oh, I think they are giving gobs of info to DNR … just not to the public. All those agency trailers are right next to each other.
        Face to Face DNR & Tex B are probably pretty palsy … just they know they will be legal adversaries later …

    • Texas Brine should have included one more sentence. That sentence would have read something like this; “Texas Brine will continue to regularly update DNR, and the media can get updates from DNR reports.”

      The reason Flyingcuttlefish is a little leery about Texas Brine’s statement is because he’s figured out from past experiences with Texas Brine that the daily reports are going to be phased out. Maybe reports will become weekly or perhaps monthly very soon.

      Everyone that uses a computer or hand held devise, like me, knows that a few more key strokes will have the report in the Advocate newspaper’s inbox. No problem!

      • I disagree. Texas Brine has given no indication that they will stop daily reports. They have done more than even our Parish Blog, which IS suppoosed to be our source of information. Now, we learn things from the Advocate that should have been posted on the parish blog.

  2. And I think “Note to the MEDIA” is pretty self explanatory. I knew immediatley what they were saying . People think TB has been playing hard ball before ? I think we are just getting a taste of it.

    • To Rainbow. I promise to ignore Thad from now on. Yes, it was getting mighty deep on Ene. The radioactive aspects of transmissivity of uranium 226 and 228 has little to do with with a cubic yard of norm, and the massive amounts being burped up from deep below. This is where norm comes from, and has been documented many times in natural disasters. As for what they did with the cubic yard, I don’t know. One says it is on the ground, one says in a tank, and another says it is now in a frack tank. I dunno.
      As for the methane migration, I speak of it’s movement under pressure from the Miocene layer, then up through the Tertiary, then to the local aquifers. It is scientifically sound theorum, and will be talking with a noted geologist soon regarding that.

      • As for Thad, he pushes every button I have. Accuses me of making up orphan wells, then I give him the list, then he wants the head pressure, then he wants the casing condition, then he wants me to crawl 4000 ft. down into it to visually inspect it’s integrity….
        All he does is derail every thread he gets on, so I will ignore him from now on, irregardless of his posting being all over the top, bottom, and sides of me.
        As for you, I pray you will keep fighting to get the people out of there and get bought out, for TB is not going to admit liability, and LDNR doesn’t give a damn, neither does Jindal.

  3. Texas Brine does seem to ignore requests for repayment for costs/etc to DNR and others. Does anyone know WHAT the oil fingerprints were in the testing? It is NOT Big Hum..so that leaves only a few others. And if COREXIT has a fingerprint and its found in the oil from the sinkhole…then the coversation will really change.Some of the legal reps need to do a FOIA to make sure ALL the responsible parties are involved. Or maybe they already know.????

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