Strange Booms Indiana

so loud it broke his window(!)
Posting in case it is related to New Madrid Fault. Strange …

flying cuttlefish picayune

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16 thoughts on “Strange Booms Indiana

  1. I wonder if the booms are linked to that potential nuclear accident in southwest Michigan. MSM won’t tell us.

    • Potential accident in southwest Michigan was 6-8 months ago. Listen to latest “nuked radio” broadcast on youtube.

    • or if some underground shifting caused those nuke problems in Mich. in the first place.
      I have more on that topic on the FC blog.

  2. From 1811, New Madrid quake:
    ” For an hour previous, though the air was perfectly calm, and several stars visible, there was, at intervals of about five minutes, a rumbling noise like that of distant thunder; which increased in violence of sound just before the shock was felt. ” Comment was also made that for several years previous they could hear booming sounds. Then it stopped for a year..or subsided a little..then started again with the earthquake. way to tell what is coming or if it even is. Hope the Geologists get busy and figure this out…

    • Jec, great info. on the booms followed by subsidence. That’s new to me. I’ve also heard a theory that the Earth’s inner core is spinning at a different speed than the crust.

    • I always wondered what eartquake lights looked like. I have read reports of them back into antiquity. Not saying that’s what that video was, because the explosion sounded fake and man made, but a possible explanation. 🙂

    • I just found that on ENE-News comment. Added it a second ago to the post!
      Something weird going on?
      Is it N.A. Craton plate?? scary!

      • oh, thanks! Added it to the post.
        I wonder if it is sonic booms or if they have wacky secret planes and they make up stories after the sonic booms to explain all the hub-ub.
        at the end of the newer reprint of ‘The Octopus’
        there’s a short blurb on gov’t ‘flying disk’ program to combat Soviet spy planes (in the days of the U-2).
        They were radiated to destroy film negatives on (maybe theoretical) spy planes. When they went haywire as they were oft to do they had a quick fake cover story for their secret flying disks.

      • just didnt look like a plane, i see where people think its a sonic boom from an airplane but the lights arent right for it to be a plane that went into super sonic mode

      • It could be a sonic boom… but usually in that case the SFB or Naval Station comes out and explains what it was to calm everyone down.

        Other thing is there are so many strange sounds all over the world. That blog has tons of reports.

  3. NASA X-43
    My uncle on my mother side was in on those experiment in the 60’s.
    [ 519-536 ] Index – NASA’s History Office
    … 60, 93; Hypersonic Ramjet Experiment, 112; hypersonics, 158, 432, 435 436. ….. Tracking and Ground Instrumentation Unit (TAGIU), 66-69; Trout, Otto, 303 ill.
    Otto Trout suggested as early as 1963 that zero-gravity activities could be simulated by immersing astronauts in a large tank of water. Years later, Marshall Space Flight Center turned Trout’s abortive idea into a major component of NASA’s astronaut training program. L-66-7850
    Water Immersion Technique of a Pressure-Suited Subject Under Balanced Gravity Conditions

    This is what it became Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

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