Catching up on the Louisiana sinkhole story


If you are new to this Louisiana Sinkhole story the best way to get caught up is go to the bottom of the right sidebar to the archives and read the first posts from August, 2012 when this small, unusual sinkhole began to snowball.

This blog has many posts and comments that are opinions.
For important factual information see the pages (listed on the left sidebar) for maps, documents etc. and salt dome geology info. Lots there on Louisiana infrastructure.

Political background is on The Big Feud page. Research there is by some great bloggers and reporters.

Most news sources we routinely use are on the right sidebar.

Many well informed readers here have contributed all sorts of ideas about what is going on. They range from New Madrid Fault movement, the BP spill releasing methane underground for many miles and other theories.  A compilation of them is here.  Some of our favorite posts are  here.

Feel free to use this blog for any information, graphics, links etc. You do not need to credit this blog.
We do include some information from the outfield as this blog tries to be extra inclusive. The same goes for comments. On blog entries that are opinion or commentary I try to say so.

This blog was created with the intention of making all information easy to locate.  Most items have descriptive tags so use the search box on the right sidebar to look up things.

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Dutchsinse  has posted all of the flyer videos  here.

Aug. 2013 geology explanation (they don’t want you to know!) 37 min. Video

Lots of Louisiana news outlets and blogs are listed at The Dead Pelican.

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