Abandoned by Governor, Resident Pleas for Help on YouTube

LINK –  http://youtu.be/ullJ1HFmCjM

7 thoughts on “Abandoned by Governor, Resident Pleas for Help on YouTube

  1. Good old Louisiana hot summer Stink Hole.
    Now Bayou Corne Cigarette lighters when you light it there goes the hair on your face.

    The 174 Sink Hole Song


    Oak Ridge TN “Hot Frogs On The Loose” song.
    Hot Frogs2 For Eileen K..mov

  2. Sometimes the simplest way is the best way to get results. This might be appealing to our young Governor. Make one for Bayou Corne. It might yield results.

  3. How about a Ramp Festival they have then in Tennessee ever year.
    Ramps the King of Stink sweat toxins out of your body for a spring tonic.
    Believing the ramp to possess the revitalizing power of a spring tonic, the mountain folks looked forward to the return of the ramp after a winter of eating mostly dried foods. The ramp’s flavor, though sweet with a hint of garlic, is accompanied by a potent odor so objectionable school children with “ramp odor” were known to have been excused from school for a few days.

    The Foxfire Books the find art of moon shining , spring wild plant foods , spring tonic.
    How did these Foxfire books get started and what is Foxfire ? (I seen dead tree glowing bright green in the night like that).

    How about looking this up on Youtube.
    Queensway Ottawa Orleans sink hole (Song)
    Kings Firecracker Jump Rope (Wow not bad at all).

    • I swear, Walter, ya gotta get a blog! You are a font of information about Tenn., the Smokys and fun!
      And great Smoky photos too.
      It makes it easier to look up your old stuff if it’s all in one place!

      Thanks for sending!

      • I was just trying to give some ideas for people in Bayou Corne and Assumption Parish to make money off that sinkhole.
        Own part of that sinkhole in a can.
        Here is the Kings Firecracker Jump Rope (Wow not bad at all).

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