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Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh today issued an amended directive to Texas Brine
[They] will be required to use the 3-D seismic survey process to assess the area around the sinkhole and provide the information from that process to the Office of Conservation for analysis by April 21.

Texas Brine, state agree on plan for imaging plan under sinkhole

The Advocate  Letter: Sinkhole problem needs resolving

Down Memory Lane:


< Aug. 8, 2012

9 thoughts on “Some Mon. News

  1. You honestly don’t know what you are messing with… I know you have a job, but it isn’t worth exposure to toxic chemicals from oil and brine. It isn’t critical yet, but the reverb alone should be tipping any Engineer off! The reverb is definitely showing a negative spike and a back pressure…a pushback that is geometrically rising. The artificially induced tremors are causing a backlash, and more material is moving than can be accounted for. Please take Heed!

    • The Deeper borehole Heli’s bear out my findings. Astatic reverbs are showing an opposing force. How can I make you folks understand. No one will answer at any of the phone numbers!

      • I believe that your cries are falling on deaf ears. the root of all evil is driving this. MONEY. Look at what time of year it is now and what was on the horizon is now just over the hill. The SUPER BOWL. Big money for New Orleans then they roll right into Mardi Gras. The potential of this gets out sane people shy away. That means less dollars to state and local governmant coffures.

        What are the acronyums TBG and CSG? I work in the oil industry and am not familiar with these. I work downstream so we dont use them.

        One other thing, the people of Bayou Corne need to find an advertsing firm or a lawyer to be their spokesperson. Someone the press will feature. The press will not take the fight on for the people of Bayou Corne but they will be happy to broadcast it. It’s ashame they have elected officials that should be in front of the cameras everyday but I don’t see it. The only one I have seen is the Sheriff.

      • yes, yes, and yes!
        The only ray of hope is with the Super Bowl comes international press… many of whom are not owned by big oil. Hopefully in researching Louisiana to prepare for their trip they will find out about the sinkhole and report on it.
        It is regularly mentioned in the New Orleans papers and the media arrives weeks ahead of time.

      • Tubing Pressures and Casing Pressures represent the well head and the dow hole casing pressures. Ceri is showing the downhole as reverb’ing. I am not an oil man, but anybody should know what means; from an engineer to a rock band. Reverb is when you overdrive and create a resonance.
        They have a class action lawyer that will not get up and say anything…..

  2. thanks – I’ll post that for better visibility …

    Also … not mentioned … is the methane is many miles away too and nothing is being done about it. Do officials assume it ALL originates from Lake FUBAR?

    What if there’s a deep ‘crack’ like many say caused by BP.

    • Actually it is becuse of the explosive blowout of the bottom of the cavern which shattered the Shale Sheath and the accessed Big Hum, Cris, and who knows what else. That’s for Lake Fubar and the west side. But since it is in the whole of the aquifer, who’s to say why it is North and east as well

  3. Freedomrox, call WGSO 504-556-9696 , radio show with Jeff Crouere. I called several weeks back and talked about Bayou Corne. He let me talk uninterupted for 10 minutes. I olny had info I read here and a few other sites. He is on from 7am to 11am Monday to Friday. He has a big following, his show can be picked up from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. He was a great help to me when I ran for political office a few years ago. He has open lines a few hours each morning.

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