New Fly Over Video! New PHOTOS!




With the new look at the scene here is a labeled photo for purposes of discussion:





Location of everything there.

47 thoughts on “New Fly Over Video! New PHOTOS!

  1. I do take note also, that the sinkhole is in direct communication with the canal running right past the residents houses. Yuck! Welsh should be made to skinny dip with Sonny Cranch in that very canal.

    • Earlier it was pointed out that cypress trees can go brown and there’s something called brown marsh but this color at the sinkhole looks like it is caused by the sinkhole. But no info as yet on this blog to confirm it.

    • Kimberly, I was just typing a reply to you and I must have touched the wrong area of my sensitive screen. Poof, it was gone.

      I sent a link to Flyingcuttlefish a while back about tree sensitivity to Hydrogen Sulfide(SO2). The SO2 enters the tree through the root system. The SO2 collects in the leaves and kills the Chlorophyll. The tree eventually dies from lack of nutrition. However, there could additionally be other reasons given all the toxins lurking in the water.

      • Keith, I can’t navigate all the comments to the earlier one about SO2. I remember it. I want to add it to the dead tree post.
        Will you please send it over to that post –

        I’ll copy it and add it to the post to make it easier to find. All of the dead cypress tree info I want there, not scattered around. Sorry I didn’t do it earlier.

        Anone interested in dead tree topic can find it on the Search bar looking up ‘cypress trees’.

      • Kimberly, the proper symbol for hydrogen sulfide is H2S. I searched for my original links and found only the link below.

        The Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide on Plant Growth

        Leaf Damage

        High doses of hydrogen sulfide also causes leaf damage in a variety of plants. For example, alfalfa leaves may show white lesions on leaves within five days of high dose exposure to hydrogen sulfide. This damage may be particularly severe in environments with high humidity.

      • Why don’t you like this map. It has all the caverns and wells, and they are named and numbered, as well as contents. And I wasn’t “flying off” about the pic.

      • (earlier wrong well name post was ‘fly off’ … not meant to be harsh)
        I have it on the MAPS page. It’s a GREAT MAP! 🙂
        And I added in pink letters the BEST MAP from Assumption Parish to the map page list.

    • You’ve become vicious Rainbow. I remember when you didn’t have all the answers either. FcF does the best she can to keep a lot of info in order on two blogs. Bound for mistakes to be made.
      Thad and I are working on a viable option that could end this tragedy, and need someone from the area to submit the proposal.
      I was hoping it would be you. If not, I can talk to John.

      • oh, I know Jo Celle by now. Doesn’t throw me for a loop when she flies off. She’s a stickler for facts and I have a slew of well-name-mistakes this week.

        I need an aerial photo of the area with labels on all the wells, caverns and observation wells and holes.
        And you bet it won’t be ME doing the art!

      • Vicious? You have the balls to call someone vicious after your behavior the past 2 weeks? I watched you call my friend every name there is, and then you started on his age when nothing else you said would get the reaction you wanted that would get him kicked off Enenews. If he chose to then work with you, that’s his choice. I don’t have to make that same choice. I told you I don’t care whether my friends like each other or not, but that I would never stand by and watch one rip the other apart unfairly. You did that, and closed the book on any respect I may have had for you. Vicious? The more appropriate word is disgusted. I thought you were different when I first started reading your stuff, but I was wrong. You are not only not any different from the likes of people I despise for what they do, like IP, but you are worse.

        I have watched you go from wrong theory after wrong theory without a pause. The 3 major ones…First, it was that all this was planned by TB and DNR to “get to the oil”, and how TB was making thousands of dollars a day from the oil they were collecting. You were getting your info from a local that you say turned out to work for TB. You were sad about that big goof for about 3 minutes…..even wrote a “goodbye cruel world post” but everyone was forgiving, and so you decided to “stay”.

        Next, you decided we were all on the verge of death, descrining how everything from the sinkhole to the bridge was about to be swallowed up. You issued warnings here to TB that they needed to STOP NOW, and went on and on about all the pressures rising.(Which by the way, I went back and compared pressures on all the wellheads for weeks,and NO significant change). You claim “credit” for DNR reversing the mandate to drill the two 6000 foot wells, and “saving all our lives”.Forget that DNR reversed that mandate on the eve of the court date. Ever consider that DNR knew they would lose because OTHER people besides you were against those 2 wells and that just maybe TB was right about the saftety?

        You claim to know when the sinkhole has burps, becaue nowyou’re an experton seismology. And when your theory that we were all about to blow up from the high pressures didn’t happen, you attributed it to yet another burp, that “you” again predicted. A burp that no one else knows about….and oh yeh, none of the pressures have changed…gone down either.

        Next, you decide you have found some big old secret about our parish president Marty Triche,and not only start dragging him through the mud, but make an attempt to drag his wife through the mud as well, putting out a reward for her first name. Simply because they own land here that has oil drilling going on. We all are very aware of his involvement during the Grand Bayou incident, and as usual, there are things you don’t know. You claim how pissed “all of us Bayou Corne residents” are at that new drilling, but you never once asked ME how I felt about it. Exactly how many people here locally DID you ask about that?

        And now, you claim to finally have come up with the “solution” to this problem. A solution that a team of top scientist and geologist from here and around the world can’t find, but freedomrox HAS the solution. Just not quite ready to tell the world though. Right.

        This site had gotten better until you came and drug your “I Am king” chair in here like you did on Enenews.

        Yeh, you go ahead and get “John” to help you out.

      • Well, we’ll just have to wait to see what type of plan Freedomrox & Thad come up with and judge from there.

        I don’t see any viable plan coming from the officials whose job it is to understand this type of situation. Surely, five months is reasonable amount of time to have an idea about something to push this event in a different direction. All of these socalled professional people can’t come up with some kind of plan to even start turning this event towards improvement is unbelievable. What I’ve seen over the last five months is an abundance of data collected which does not apply towards the orginal sinkhole problem. Their actions tell me that they do not want to intervene.

        Sort of like, I need to repair my bicycle, but I need to check if I have any gas in my car first. My point is that the two action don’t relate to one another.

      • As I stated Keith, we are hashing it out and will include an Open Letter to LDNR, Shaw, and ITASCA on my own blog which is dedicated to this area only. I know Jo Celle has getten her panties in a twist over Marty Triche, but the question was a viable and very good one. If he wants to stand and take credit for it, then he should and explain his ties. That’s what Public Officials do. He isn’t accused of anything, but his industry ties do call into question his ‘Conflicts of Interest’. It’s that simple.

        As I stated about Dish, Texas…this is what happens when a town or community sells it’s soul to the Company Store.

      • Stating ties is called ‘disclosure’ and public servants need to practice it. Many move their personal investments into blind trusts to avoid (criminal) conflict of interest charges while in public office.
        As a lawyer, Mr. Triche knows this.

      • As the condition gets more and more expensive to manage the parties will try to pass responsibility to each other to avoid the bills.
        That was the thought expressed in this YouTube (in Tues. News) that You Tube removed (!)

        Now I can’t find who said it… but I agree that seems to be what is going on.

      • Freedomrox, I’m not going to prejudge anyone on this issue. I don’t understand enough about the totality of this situation. This blog was created to get the word out, share ideas between knowledgeable people, and make necessary changes as needed to obtain the information necessary for all to understand. Everyone should understand that we need to piece together some of this information to see the whole picture because, public officials are not forthcoming with pertinent information. Of course the picture may not be exactly correct the first time, when gathering information from so many sources, but we get things worked at the end.

        Good luck to you and Thad with your termination plan.

      • Thanks Keith, but you have contributed as well, just as everyone here has. You are exactly correct that this blog was one of discovery, according to FCF’s own mission statement. Same as mine is. We all get clues from each other, and run with it, because no official accounts suffice.
        Also, do not mean to be cryptic about Thad and out plans, but we have to figure all the angles out first, at least on my end. I truly don’t care if Thad runs with it right down to Bayou Corne. All that matters is that it get done. Be damned with the credit. Who would ever really care or remember anyhow?

  2. OK, I will. Not a problem at all. About time you got that off your chest. You are right. Feel better? I know you expect me to explain all my actions…but I won’t. Have a nice day.

    To others, yes, still in geologically extreme danger. But it will all be fine, since your “King” has arrived. 🙂

  3. Jo celle
    Could you over lap that map with the helicorder like LA01 , LA02 , LA03 , LA06 , LA08 and LA09.
    So I well know what you’re talking about.

    • On the right Sidebar on topic of “Seismic Monitoring” is a link to a great map – seismic monitoring locations. And the new ones are on the Face Book map on the Maps page.

      • Have to wait for them to release the rest of the heli’s info for tonight, because they are not allowing us to see the borehole heli’s real time. Bummer

      • I wrote that post in the dead of night, fcf and only two heli’s were up and running real time and none of the borehole heli’s. Thanks for the tip and link. They are performing it from 6pm to 6am.

      • quake watch was put up by that guy puterman who had lots to say about how bad my heli reading/interp was. I told him to make his own blog and he made a GREAT blog! He does know lots of seismic info and science (unlike me!) 🙂

      • I notice some confusion about the ‘Thumper’ Trucks there. They are not using those. They are using Vibro Booms from a Truck. I need to get you to download the last VSP of the cavern from 2010. Once I show you how to get it, then you can show this gentleman. It’s real fun to get any docs from LDNR.

      • can you do a blog post all about the thumper trucks and Vibro Booms?
        I don’t know squat about it.
        I have a short vid on the trucks (not at the sinkhole) on a prior post with ‘thumper truck’ as a search tag.

      • LDNR makes it very hard to obtain pdf’s, because you have to deal with a blank popup window that triggers the download. It could be your popup blocker, or settings.

        Although that proprietary 3D survey you linked to from Golden Gate would and still could help in this situation, it is not the one I spoke of. The SONAR is from inside the cavern and had been shot several times over the years. This indicates there were already problems as alluded to in a Geology paper back in 1998, where parts of the shale sheath had intruded the lower part of the cavern.
        The SONAR showed that the bottom 1000 ft. or so was of a straight line no deformation on the NW side of the cavern indicating it was pressing against the shale sheath.
        To find out to download these survey’s, go to:

        Hit, “Permitting” then scroll down to the bottom and you will see, “Well Permit to Drill/Amend Historic, then click “Next”
        When it comes back up, look to the righ and enter 180708 in the Well Serial Nummber box, and make sure to tick the “Get Assocoated Documents” box as well.
        A popup will come up, and you get all the information on Hooker 3, Vulcan 3, and Oxy 3 since 1982.
        Please take note, of when the documents were submitted and when LDNR published them…many only in August of 2012.
        The 2007 SONAR and the 2010 VSP are the documents I speak of.

        Whew! See how easy it is?

  4. Not an expert, but can see the sonic cycles on the graphs that are available, but then it looks like they stop (daylight?) and the sinkhole tremors start up. Hard to tell what is what, which is why I think MOST of the helicorders are off. How does Texas Brine know when to alert people if they have a seismic event requiring emergent evacuation? TEXAS BRINE is responsible for the health and safety of everyone affected due to TB sink hole damages and TB engineering failures.
    HOWEVER, would think this is a critical time -unless the government and TEXAS BRINE can certify 100% that the sonic boom testing will NOT TRIGGER an event. Don’t think anyone can do that. Bayou Corne is just too close to the sink hole for any comfort.

  5. FCF- If it wasn’t for this blog a few months ago……I would still be one of the uninformed ignorant masses… all can bicker about he said she said all you want… long as the daily facts, pics and news links keep us more silent watchers informed. Your blog, and your bloggin’ contributors are more valuable than you or they realize for presenting the big picture of this entire fiasco…because of you- my eyes have been opened to a new truth in our physical worlds reality.

    • Jimbo
      I don’t know much but I try, I got a IQ of 54 this group over look it and try to inform me as best as they can.

  6. I mentioned in a previous “reply” that no progress has been made in the 5-month livespan to stop the progression of the OXY3 sinkhole. Actually, the problem with the OXY3 sinkhole has been known since January 2011 as was first noted in the failed integrity test letter to LDNR from Texas Brine. So this additional 20 months before the sinkhole developed needs to be added to the 5 months after the sinkhole developed to accurately represent the total number of months of inability to halt the progression of this monster sinkhole’s development–25 MONTHS.

      • But that’s not entirely true. They knew there were problems in 1998, when the shale sheath perforated the salt cavern. They monitored this with sonar and still used the cavern, knowing they were up against the sheath, they over-brined. In other words, they did a drawdown, trying to do so only to a certain level. It finally caught up with them when the drawdowns took away the last remaining salt.
        Then they try to mill at 2350 ft. and hit the shale sheath, causing a backflow, and what built to be a blowout, and a mighty geologically explosive one at that!
        LDNR and Texas Brine conspired to cover this up, as proven by the 2010 VSP!

      • That info is good for the La. Attorney General’s office.
        Unless that is a ‘bought’ office too!

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