WED. News . . . and it ain’t good!

ENE-News 11 new bubble sites found in a row outside giant sinkhole — “Discovery has led to speculation it marks edge of suspected subsidence zone” (PHOTOS)

The Advocate – New bubble site found southwest of sinkhole

“The sites bring to 34 the number of known bubble sites in the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou areas in the vicinity of the sinkhole on Texas Brine Co. LLC’s leased property.

Scientists think the Houston-based company’s salt cavern in the Napoleonville Dome failed deep underground, causing the sinkhole and unleashing oil and natural gas from formations along the salt dome face. That free gas is thought to be surfacing through many bubble sites and the sinkhole.”

The new bubbling wasn’t even found by “a representative of the landowner found the bubble sites late last week while checking the property from an airboat” (!)  Is BUTANE being released??

[snip] . . . “Boudreaux said Shaw and a contractor for Texas Brine collected samples from the frothing site Tuesday morning. Parish officials collected samples from another sizeable site on Sunday . . .  The samples will undergo isotopic tests to identify the sites’ source and other tests that will show what kinds of gas are being released, such as methane or butane.”


“Sites farthest from the sinkhole have been determined to be releasing so-called “swamp gas,” which results from the decay of organic matter. Still other sites have been shown to be producing a blend of both kinds of gas.”  That answers some old questions.

Freedomrox says Texas Brine goofed up.  The MAP page  has the new bubble site map added.


Wildly Bubbling Gases Near Catastrophic Louisiana Sinkhole

The Killer Lake Phenomena: Is the Louisiana Sinkhole Becoming the Next “Exploding Lake”?

DEQ Monitoring smells that began in the evening in  St. Bernard Parish Jan. 10th

St. Bernard Parish is far west of Assumption Parish on the coast. Map.

1.5 quake at  Ridgely, Tennessee  |  MAP

Residents – The Parish blog says: Starting this Thursday (tomorrow, January 24, 2013), evacuee assistance distribution will take place at the Command Post in Bayou Corne due to renovations within the St. Joseph the Worker church parish.


Drainage  operation in Ascension Parish after all that rain last week.  We added a MAP that shows where Assumption Parish is.

MORE here later . . .

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